10 Ways To Find Cool Boy Names (and Girl Names) For Your Baby

cool boy names

While you are trying to come up with a cool baby name, finding inspiration can be quite difficult. Your baby’s name will be their identity, as such you want to give them a name that is cool but not too out-there to cause them embarrassment. The name should be unique but not too difficult to pronounce. There are many cool one-syllable baby boy names you can use to make your child stand out. Below are 10 ways to find a cool baby name.

cool boy names

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10 Ways To Find Cool Boy Names & Girl Names for Baby

  1. Family tree

One of the best places to start your search for your baby’s name is a trip down your family tree. If you trace your family tree far enough, chances are that you are bound to run across a unique and interesting name among your ancestors. This is a very meaningful way to name your baby since it helps preserve the names of your ancestors and prevents them from sinking into oblivion.

  1. Your love map

Another way to come up with cool and meaningful baby names for boys or girls is to consider the places you’ve visited as a couple. For instance, your honeymoon spot or where your baby was born are a good source of inspiration for the baby’s name. It could also be the place where you first met or where you first visited as a couple.

  1. Consider names that come with cool nicknames

Some names have cooler nicknames than others. For instance, Philipa Middleton’s nickname “Pippa” is way cooler than Catherine Middleton’s “Kate”. While Philipa may not be the Duchess of Cambridge, she will always be remembered for her cute and catchy nickname. That is why you might want to give your baby a name that comes with a cool nickname.

  1. Take a leap back in time

Consider the coolest and most popular names of up to 100 years ago. One of the best resources for carrying out this research is the Social Security website which allows you to search the most popular names every year all the way up to 1880. This may just lead to the inspiration you are looking for.

  1. Consider historic landmarks

Naming babies after historic landmarks is not uncommon. Therefore, this is something you shouldn’t rule out when it comes to naming your baby. There are many inspirations you can get for your baby’s name from historic landmarks. For instance, your list of baby boy names might include Everest, after Mt. Everest. In addition, you can consider street names or other significant locations nearby.

How to find cool boy names and girl names for your baby.

  1. Consider cities around the world

Another interesting way to come up with a cool name for your baby is to consider the names of different cities around the world. Some of the city-inspired names that are gaining popularity include Dallas, Brooklyn, and Sydney. However, if you are looking for city names which are not used by many people, then you can try out Rio, London or Lucia.

  1. Blend your names

Name blending is the process of combining two or more existing names to come up with a new one. You can play around with both your name and your spouse’s name to come up with a unique combination. Some of the most interesting names were created this way. For instance, game designer Clay Dreslough’s name was created by combing the names, Dresser and McLoughlin.

  1. Think Art

You can draw upon art to come up with a cool name for your baby. For instance, you can name you baby girl Lisa from Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

There are also many unique and interesting baby boy names you can get from the arts. For instance, you can name him Picasso after the great painter Pablo Picasso.

  1. Last Names for First Names

This is yet another unique way to name your baby. It involves looking at various last names of people and using the as a first name for your baby. For instance, award winning singer/actress Mariah Carey named her baby girl Monroe after Marilyn Monroe. This is a cool way for moms to incorporate their family name by using their maiden name as the baby’s first name.

  1. Consider using Baby-Naming Apps

Given that we live in the tech era, you might as well embrace technology in the child naming process by using one of the child naming apps. The amazing thing about using an app is that it does the thinking for you and gives you a variety of words to choose from. Most baby naming apps give the meaning of various names and are customized such that you can search a name by the first letter.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive but is rather intended as a guide to help moms and dads find an inspiration for their babies’ names. These 10 tips will help you come up with some of the coolest names in the world. Embrace them with an open heart.

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