The Best Thing to Do on Family Day

to do on family day

There are lots of great things going on for families to enjoy on the Family Day holiday that we, in BC, will be enjoying today. Concerts, meals, hikes, crafts and more. The possibilities are plentiful, but one idea sticks out from the rest as the clear winner.

Here it is, the absolute best thing you can do with your family today.

Are you ready for it?




Go be with them.

That’s right. Get off of this laptop, iPhone, tablet or whatever life sucking device has it’s flashy grasp on you right now and put it away.

Give your family the gift of yourself and your attention – all of your attention – today. Take one day off from checking in with your friends, the NHL scores, the funny cats and just go be with them.

Go now.

I’m already gone.


What's it look like from where you're sitting? Leave me a comment.

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