Friday Five: Family, Festivities, Flexibility and the Fair

St Mary's Lake in the Fall

What did this week bring for this mama? Here are my Friday Five favourite pieces.


salt spring island fall fair gourds Friday five

The Fall Fair

On Salt Spring Island, the Fall Fair is one of the biggest and most popular events of the year. While Little Z enjoyed checking out the animals last year, now that she’s a bit older she really got into the spirit of things. She chose a couple new hair bows from one of the vendors, we peeked into all the animal stalls and cages (she even got to pet one of the goats), enjoyed some fair food, and played some games: choosing a duck out of the pond to win a prize (she chose a small puppy dog figurine), and using a fishing rod to catch a prize (the boy hiding under the fishing counter hooked a plastic ring onto her line) – both very toddler friendly and highly exciting! She even got a balloon to take home.

Farm fair!

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We ended up visiting the fair later in the day on the first day (Saturday), which turned out to be perfect timing for us. Most of the crowds had cleared out by then, so we had lots of space and fewer lines to see and do the things we wanted to do. We were slightly worried the pies (our favourite part of the fair) would be done by then, but there were still lots left and we chose our six different slices to bring home a full pie of various flavours, which we enjoyed tremendously after the little one’s bedtime. We missed the famed zucchini races this time, but all in all it was a fantastic day.

I had fully intended on submitting a couple things to be judged in the various competitions (my main idea was to submit a couple photos), but I dropped the ball on that one, so nothing went in this year. There’s always next year!




The Never Never Band was well-liked by #LittleMissZiggity tonight. “Dance! Dance!”

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A Wedding Party

Sunday evening we enjoyed wishing our fabulous friends a happy future of marriage, attending their wedding reception party. Z now understands what a party is (in her own way), and so she was excited to go. The Never Never Band was playing the music for the evening, and we all enjoyed the fabulous blue-grassy sounding tunes they were joyfully putting out. The band even called out to Z a few times to broadcast how she was just the cutest thing ever, dancing around to the music in her party dress and a giant smile. I have to agree – she is freaking adorable. I may be biased, but I don’t think anyone could argue that.  




Breakfast in Bed

So I’ve been KonMari-ing like a crazy person (“like” a crazy person… what am I saying, I am a crazy person). I’ll update all about my progress in a separate post, but after finishing up the clothes, the rest of the categories I can’t help but plow through. I accidentally ended up decluttering until 3:30am Saturday night, and when I finally looked at the clock to realize how late it was, I went to bed dreading waking up in only a few short hours to a very busy toddler.

The next morning, I was shocked to be woken up around 10am (say what?!) and handed a plate of pancakes and bacon, and a mug of hot coffee to enjoy in bed. Oh. My. Goodness. How they managed to sneak out of bed without waking me in the morning I’m not sure, but I am forever grateful for the chance to sleep in and be treated like a queen this particular morning. Dear Old Hubby G is set to receive the husband-of-the-year award, I’m fairly certain.  



toddler with grandma and grandpa friday five

A Visit with Grandpa and Grandma

Growing up in Alberta, I still have most of my family back there. I don’t get to see them all that often because we’re all busy with our lives and travel (plus the time taken off) can get expensive. It does make the visits all that more special, however, so it was wonderful to have my Dad and Step-Mom come to see us this past week.  feeding horses north end farm view from mt maxwell salt spring island image

We enjoyed each other’s time tremendously, taking in the spectacular view from Mt Maxwell, feasting at the Treehouse Café, stopping by North End Farm to pick up our produce box, and spending some quality time playing with Z here at our home. It was so special for me to see the little bug enjoying the things I remember doing with my Dad from my childhood, reading books and playing games. Hide and seek was a big-time favourite with my Dad growing up. It was tradition to hide when we expected him home so he would have to find us when he arrived back form work, and now that I have my own little bug, I can see how this may have been started as a brilliant tactic my mom had to keep us out of her hair while she worked on dinner (Go hide kids, and don’t come out until Daddy finds you!). Little Z was thrilled by this game, and was quite affronted when I attempted to find her, shouting “No! Gampa!!” and giving me the dirtiest of looks that I had intruded on their fun.

Hiding from Grandpa.




toddler yoga


Out of nowhere (it seems, anyways – everything must be sparked but something), Ziggity started doing “Yoga” this last week. It started with her peeking between her legs in a stance that somewhat resembles downward dog, and has blossomed to include such moves as being a tree and a snake, along with some creative forms all her own. It couldn’t have been better timing for her to be interested in this, as today was the first day of a gymnastics class that we will be attending. While it was a bit of craziness for us mamas trying to get our littles to follow the (minimal and age-appropriate) instructions, my little girl enthusiastically enjoyed all of the equipment and the chance to run around a big padded gym. The biggest distraction, however, were the twin babies that were sleeping in their car seats in the hall, which Z could not help herself from wanting to “see” and “hold”. She just loves babies so much!

toddler yoga tree
A messy room, a blurry picture, terrible composition, but a happy tree-posing toddler!

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