Frolf, Lambs & Travel Plans – Friday Five

frolf and running

frolf and running

I wanted to make sure I got this up this week, as our last 7 days have been pretty fantastic, even with all the sick and coughing and whining that we dealt with early on in the week. (If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen some posts that were heavy on the wine in response to the whine.)

So, better late than never. Here ya go!


Baby Lambs

I’ve really been trying to head out on more active adventures with my little bumpkin. Last weekend we headed up to the farm on foot to go check out the baby lambs that have been popping out everywhere. They are adorable!! Seriously. If you haven’t seen a day old lamb frolicking around with it’s lamby buddies, you haven’t lived.


Preparing for a New Adventure

Ladies and gentlemen, flights are booked! Travel is a huge part of our life priorities, and we try to make a big trip happen every year, if possible. It’s one thing to dream, but once tickets are actually purchased, stuff gets real. We’ve been joyfully reading up on what we’d like to see and do on our upcoming adventure. This time we are headed for somewhere close-ish to our last destination, and I’m pretty excited to get another chance to practice my Spanish. Any guesses? (Here’s a hint: COSTA-FREAKING-RICA!!)

If you’ve got any suggestions of must-see spots or places to stay, please share them with me! I’d love to get some personal opinions to make our trip as awesome as possible.


Beach Picnic

I’m such a lucky lady to be able to spend so much quality time with amazing little people. I love being able to offer our little love friendship and playmates by caring for others her age, and the satisfaction I get from spending the day with two rambunctious, caring, adorable toddlers is incredibly soul-filling.

This week we set out for a beach adventure. We spent the morning checking out the shore of Southey Point, throwing rocks out to the ocean, watching ships pass by, and picnicking on the rocks. I will never get over this amazing place that we live! Gah!

Run, Mama, Run!

It’s been a long 3 years of putting someone else’s needs ahead of my own. Actually, when she was still growing on the inside, I kept pretty good care of myself, since what I did for myself I did for her. Then, when she joined us on the outside, everything self-care-wise went down the drain. Sure, there were bits of guitar-playing here, and speckles of reading and knitting there, but nothing extensive.

Having an entire day to myself yesterday, I could have spent the whole time working or cleaning, but instead I made it my top priority to take care of me. I went for a run. Can you believe it?! Me. Running. No, no one was chasing me. It felt amazing! Not only that, but I found some spectacular trails, views and relaxing spots, and I smiled a giant smile the entire time. I feel like a real person again!!!

I want to dedicate a whole post to this adventure in self-care, so keep an eye out. The plan is for it to happen every week, so I’m hoping I can fill you in next week.

 Frolf Family Time

Going to play disc gold (or Frisbee golf – frolf) with her dad has always been a part of Z’s life. I used to go, myself, a lot more than I do now, but since becoming a mom I tend to stay home whenever there’s a chance to get some time to myself. This time, however, I tagged along and enjoyed meandering through the woods with my little family. It’s amazing how big my little girl seems when she’s hanging out with her Daddy, throwing discs and carrying herself around proudly on her own two feet with the big people.


So that was our week. How was yours? I’d love to hear about your favourite bits! Comment below or shout out at me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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