Healthy Toddler Pancakes

Healthy toddler pancakes with vegetables

Healthy toddler pancakes with vegetables

A while ago my friend, Alea, shared an idea for whipping up an easy, tasty and nourishing treat for little ones. I can honestly say they are “tasty”, as I have been snacking on these protein-rich treats alongside toddler Z.

These healthy toddler pancakes have been great make-ahead toddler food solutions. I simply pack up any leftover pancakes from breakfast and, when she’s hungry later, I can pass her a hand-held, drip-free, non-staining nutritious snack. She is happy to eat them, too, which is nice considering she generally eats like a bird.

I thought that this recipe (which is actually more of an “idea”) might be helpful for other mamas and papas wondering what to feed your toddler for breakfast. Or lunch. Or dinner. Pancakes are great anytime, really.


Here’s what you need:

* 2 eggs

* 1 banana

* 3-4 tbsp whole wheat flour

* splash of milk


And some options…

* cinnamon

* 1-2 tbsp powdered greens (I have been enjoying concentrated greens from Arbonne)

* 2 tbsp almond butter

* Grated or finely chopped vegetables or fruit


Note: Measurements are approximate. Use your own judgement for your needs and preferences.


Here’s what you do:

1. Mash bananas. Add eggs and any other ingredients you fancy.Healthy pancakes for toddlers


2. Mix it all up. Don’t worry if there are still some chunks from the banana.


Healthy toddler pancakes

3. Pour small dollops (silver dollar sized) into a pan and fry until browned.


Remember to let the pancakes cool sufficiently, and check by breaking it open. Sometimes the banana chunks can stay a lot hotter than it feels from the outside.

Looking for more ideas? Try this, another easy to hold and grab on-the-go snack recipe. Or take a look at these 11 Breakfast Ideas for Toddlers.

Enjoy! 🙂

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