Putting Out for a Good Cause

Jewellery giveaway

Global mothers jewellery giveaway

I don’t put out as much as I used to.

I remember making the exchange all over town, on a whim, whenever I felt like I wanted something. Now, with a toddler around, living in a small community with fewer options, and all these adult responsibilities taking up my time, I find I just don’t have the resources to be putting out as freely as I once did.

Nope, now when I put out my money, I really have to think about what my funds are going to, and choose wisely.

One place I never feel guilty about spending is when the profits from what I’m buying are going to a good cause. It feels good to be spending money for items I want or need, for myself or as gifts, when I’m paying to support someone or something I feel strongly about. To know that my money is going to be used to further someone who deserves it, like a small or local business or non-profit group, rather than a large corporation that already has a lot of supporters.

global mothers logo

Global Mothers is one of these fantastic places I love to put my money out towards. If you missed my previous post about the fantastic Global Mothers project, I encourage you to go back and give that a read to let me paint a full picture for you about what it is that they do. To recap quickly, though, Global Mothers is a project that works with non-profit organizations to provide mothers from countries around the world where the economies are limited, to reach the broader global market with their handicrafts, allowing them the opportunity to sell their products in a more successful way.

Last month I ran a giveaway of 3 amazing prize packs of baby and kids toys, clothes, décor and accessories for sale through Global Mothers which I just love.  A big congrats goes out to Michelle Tremblett, Cathy Tocher, and Josh Siemens who will be receiving their fantastic winnings over the next couple weeks!

As promised, this month I am thrilled to be able a second giveaway of Global Mothers handmade goods. Instead of the children getting all the fun, though, this time the prizes were chosen with mothers in mind. We don’t often treat ourselves to nice things once babies come along, so I wanted to be able to offer a little sparkle to you devoted and caring mamas.


Here’s what’s up for grabs in this month’s giveaway (please click on the item name for more information, as it links to the product on the Global Mothers website):

Giveaway 1: Bling Bling Prize Pack ($60 value)

global mothers nabasatu necklace
Mint Nabasatu Necklace



Giveaway 2: Inspired Lady Prize Pack ($103 value)

global mothers inspire necklace
Maroon Inspire Necklace


Enter to win using the Rafflecopter form below. Don’t worry, I’m the only one who’ll be getting your information, and will only be using it to contact you if you win.

And if you don’t win, you can still feel like a winner as there is a 75% off sale still happening right now! Good luck!!

Contest open to Canadians only, sorry!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Disclaimer* This is not a sponsored post, and I have not received any items for my own personal use. This post comes from my reaching out with the desire to share something worth sharing. My request was met and Global Mothers has graciously offer the prizes for promotional purposes. As always, all of the above is my honest and personal opinions on their fantastic project and hand-crafted products. You can view my full disclosure policy here.

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36 thoughts on “Putting Out for a Good Cause

  1. Sara @greenmomsco

    Thanks for sharing! The Global Mothers is amazing and so is the jewellery. I love the paper bracelets! I’m with you on not spending as much since having kids but when I do I like it support values I can stand behind!

      1. Sarah Robinson

        It was all fantastic Very much my style. I could have bought so much more but everything in moderation, right? Not sure what I’m most anxious for:

        Petite Bangle Sets – Dark Blue
        Metallic Bead Bracelets – Black
        Inspire Necklaces – Teal
        Geo Drop Pendant
        Dual Brushstrokes Necklace – White/Black
        Dream Necklace – Mint

        ps – I’m not sure my husband thanks you the same way I do 😉

    1. Hannah Post author

      I love that I’ve been able to promote Global Mothers to many people who appreciate, but have never heard of this project. I’m starting to realize just how powerful and useful running a blog can be to help others and make a positive impact!

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