The Little Things – Friday Five

Happy Friday mom and toddler

Happy Friday! This week has been a bit less of a fun adventure as much as it’s been a scurry to get my blog and social media business off on a good foot with all the new clients I signed up for after taking Julie Nowell’s Blog Mentorship Course. (Seriously, if you want to up your game and turn your blog and online presence into a real, lucrative venture, I highly suggest you keep an eye out for and join in on the next intake.) To make matters even crazier, I am in this course again. Of course, having done it before you would think it would be easier, and it is, but I’m finding I still have a lot of fixes to make to things I already thought I’d perfected. I guess that’s life, eh? Always rolling with the growth and changes.

Happy Friday mom and toddler

At any rate, let’s get back to my (mostly) weekly reflection of the Friday Five best bits.


Playgrounds and Playdates

The weekend was full for us with hanging out with friends at playgrounds, and we even had a bit of a pizza party with one friend Saturday night. It’s so nice to have such a wicked community of parents and tots to surround ourselves with! I cannot recommend to expectant and new parents enough to get out there and make your tribe. It will make a world of difference to your life with the littles.



Seeing Seaplanes

Dear Old Hubby G went for a guys reunion night out last weekend, and made the stellar choice to seaplane it back home. It’s amazing how much of a difference this makes. You get a whole day of your life that would have otherwise been spent sitting on the buses and ferries for the majority of the day. Instead, G took a 15-minute flight with a spectacular view and we got to watch him arrive in style. Little Miss Ziggity was pretty stoked about that. Well worth the money! (PS. The picture above is from my new Instagram account specifically for all of Salt Spring Island‘s awesomeness. Follow along if you like!)



Beautiful Blossoms

The trees and flowerbeds are in full bloom around here. The fluffy pink, white and purple trees, which look more like the prettiest clouds you’ve ever seen, are something that really remind me of what I loved about coming to BC as a frozen Albertan child (okay, okay, it’s not always that cold in Alberta – just 10 months of the year). However, all this beauty comes at a price, as my seasonal allergies continue to worsen each year. I find it so interesting that as you age, environmental allergies seem to become more severe. Interesting, and yet downright annoying. Oh the itching, sneezing, runny nose eyes and throat. I need to find some local honey and give that tip a try to see if it helps me for next year. Have you any experience with using local honey as a seasonal allergy deterrent? I’d really, really like to hear how it’s gone for someone else.



Dream, Baby

For Christmas we got some wall decals that I felt were perhaps now time to find a place for, being that Christmas has passed by a good three months now. As I was giving in and finally moving the actual frame of Z’s bed into our room to join the mattress that has laid next to our bed for weeks, to carve out a special little sleeping area for the girl who doesn’t like to sleep alone, I decided that these dreamy decals would be a perfect addition to her little bed space. (In Z’s sleepy defense, we were talking about not having enough room and G jokingly mentioned I could sleep downstairs, to which I replied “And have to sleep all by myself??” Oh. Okay. If a grown adult doesn’t want to sleep all alone, how can I expect that of my two-year-old? They’re only little once. As I mentioned on Green Moms Collective last month, do what makes the most sense for your family when it comes to sleep – not what others feel like they should tell you you need to be doing.)

Have you ever tried to put on these delicate and uber-sticky decals of utter frustration? Let me tell you, it would have been hard enough to place on the wall properly and straight without a little helper trying to give me a hand with the peeling and sticking and poking at the letters over my aggravated body as she sang the alphabet. In the end, they did not turn out as I hoped, but Z likes them and her new little space, so there. Project somewhat accomplished.




With all the to-dos of adult life, motherhood, and attempting to grow a business, I’ve only experienced short bursts of reading in the last couple years. Having picked up a book at the cabin during our most recent trip, I was reminded about how much I love to dive into a book. Not only does it let me sink myself into someone else’s experience and adventure, but I always walk away from the text with more knowledge and better understanding than I had before I picked it up. Even while that cabin read turned out to be one of the weirdest stories I’ve ever read (Hooked by Michael Hetherington – a very, very odd story that I think may have some underlying religious meanings), it renewed my love of reading and I have been taking time for myself to enjoy it, even when there are other things to do (there will always be other things to do).

I’m so excited to be starting this book on motherhood that has been highly recommended to me. One mama even called it her motherhood “bible”. I hope it’s as good as this awesome parenting book I read last year!


What happened for you in the last week? I’d love to hear all about it! Connect with me on social media or in the comments below. Happy Friday, everyone!

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