Moms Answer: What Is the Best and the Hardest Part of Being a Mother?

The most challenging part of being a mom

The hardest part of being a mother

I absolutely love being a mom, but I also find it to be the most challenging endevour I’ve faced in my life. But what is the best thing about being a mom? And what is the hardest part of being a mother? 

For me, the best part of being a mom (so far) is being so deeply loved and needed by someone. I am the person who can always make her smile, the person who she cries for when she’s upset, the person who can make everything better just by being there.

On the other hand, this very thing is also the hardest part of being a mother for me: it’s always mommy, mommy, mommy. I’ve had one night away from my little love in the past 21 months. If I’m around, I’m rarely allowed to put my attention on anything else for even three seconds before she starts pulling at me to be her playmate or milk-provider.

I love it, and I’m also frustrated to the extreme by it.

I know I’m not alone in this dual-feeling of motherhood, so I polled a bunch of different mamas to find out what they had to say were the best and the most challenging parts of being a mom.

Here’s what they had to say.


What is the best and the hardest part of being a mother?

I can’t say a “best” there are too many. The love, watching them see the world, their smiles, too many to list lol. The worst is the lack of me time. The lack of sometimes being able to remember who I am besides “mom”
(Mom of 4 gorgeous girls ) 🙂

I agree…that there is no one ‘best’ thing but one of my favorites is the wonder I see in Eldin’s eyes everyday. The ‘worst’ for me would probably have to be worry. (I’m an over-thinker) – Taylor

The best is seeing them be more aware of the world. Curious, noticing things. My 2.5 yr old talking more, my 3.5 month old laughing.
The hardest is dealing with the ‘terrible two’ and his strong forceful energy towards everything, including his new sibling. – Metta

Some of the best include: baby/toddler/child fingers on my face; eyes full of love; full body laughing from fart jokes. Most challenging trying to encourage independent thought and decisions while also setting an expectation of civility… – Jenny

Best: they keep me present and in the moment with their wonder, curiosity and playfulness… Difficult: doing this as a single mama to three boys. – Jennifer

I’m only 8 months in but I’d say the hardest is lack of sleep and having to keep going when you are sick! Not too mention not being able to do things you enjoyed pre-baby! But the joys and smiles outweigh that. I love hearing my little boy laugh and how excited he gets when he sees any animal! – Jodi

Best part of being a mom is the unconditional love given and received. Most challenging thing so far has been teaching my son how to understand his feelings in hopes of reducing tantrums. – Tara

Best part– watching my little one achieve new levels of understanding in all areas, play, speech, in her heart ect, and the new ways they benefit her to do more things as a big girl, that once was impossible. like helping me cook meals, trying to pull me out of a blackberry bush because she thinks I’m getting hurt, or kissing my belly because she knows her sister is on the way…..
Most challenging part– having a very strong willed daughter, I have to reach new levels of love, and understanding, and at times knowing the best thing I can do for both of us is go into a room and close the door for a min or two and just breath, she’s only 22 months…. I feel so guilty for feeling the way I do towards her at those times. It isn’t her fault :/ – Alea (Alea has written a couple guest posts on this blog. Check them out: Preparing for a Second Baby and We Did It!)

Best part is: love. Becoming a mom I didn’t realize how much love I could actually give and receive. It’s different than any other. That is the best!!!
Worst part is: worrying. Currently has a fever (only thing I “freak out” about) and I’m not sure if it’s from her teeth coming in (what I’m telling myself) or something else! (Febrile seizure in the past — so I’m now conditioned ha). – Crystal

Hardest thing is potty training. Best thing about being a single mom would be that I have three kids who always well be there for me to love. – Darlene

Best part: making me appreciate the smallest achievements and become more patient
Hardest part: losing that new found patience and feeling terrible for being frustrated with a little human who just doesn’t know… – Khendra

Best part– getting to experience things again through your kids eyes. Watching milestones and making their childhood magical.
Worst part– EXHAUSTION! At every single stage and every single day lol. Mom guilt 24/7. – Terri

Best part, every morning he gives me the biggest hug and says I love you mommy. He tells me he loves me 5 to 10 times a day depending on how cuddly he’s feeling.
Hard, so far it’s been the potty training. It hasn’t been easy and we’ve been trying since his second birthday in February. We’ve tried stickers and we numerous amounts of things. Recently my friend told me to try chocolate and so far it seems to be working. hope to God he doesn’t change his mind and decided he doesn’t want to potty train anymore. Because he was going on and off, on and off every couple of days. It’s been hard! – Milena

The best part about being a mom is the moments when for no reason what so ever she comes up to me and wraps her little arms around me and says mommy I love you!
Hardest part has been getting a job.. Leaving her with someone else for nine hrs is absolutely torture, when she hugs me goodbye her she whispers into my ear I’m going to miss you mommy I love you
Hardest thing ever. – Alicia


Thank you for sharing, mamas! I have to agree that there are a lot of different “bests” (as well as a lot of different hardships) It’s amazing to see how much we all have going on for us, both the good and the bad.

(And since potty training keeps popping up as a mutual hardship, I’m just going to leave this no-pressure potty training experience here. So far it’s been wildly successful! Crossing fingers…)

Keep on truckin’, ladies! As E. Lockheart wrote in The Treasure Map of Boys, “…we’ll deal with it, because the good outweighs the bad.”


What has been the best and the hardest part of being a mom for you?

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