Can’t Both Be Best? – A Parenting Poem



When it comes to parenting practices, our stances can be strong.

We shout and post and comment what we believe, all day long.


Who cares that we’re all different, and see our unique needs?

When you can vow your choice is best for growing human seeds.


Some mothers feel babies are best fed by breast, while others bottle feed.

Why argue which? Can’t it be both? Don’t we each know what we need?


Some mamas choose cloth for baby’s bum, while some opt to dispose.

Can’t both choices be the “right” thing to do? Why be bothered by what I chose?


Some mommies agree, that they need TV, while others ban the screen.

Can’t it be both? Even if you disagree, do you need to be so mean?


Some wonderful mothers buy low-priced, fast dinners, while others seek straight-up organic.

Can’t there be a “best” in both? Why should different needs cause so much panic?


Vaccinations are a parenting topic that often cause angry debate.

When did making these big decisions become a game rooted in so much hate?


You’re either coddling your baby by snuggling to sleep, or abusing by letting them cry.

You’ll always be making a “huge mistake” with every parenting method you try.


So consider this, the next time you see a mother doing something you wouldn’t.

What works for you, might not be best for her. What one can do, another couldn’t.


Will it be useful to put her down? Can it truly be helpful to criticize?

Perhaps instead of saying “you’re wrong”, you could open your own eyes.


You could offer your input when it is requested, without trying to prove your own worth.

We’re all trying to make our own “best” decision, before, during and after each birth.


Our journeys’ unique. Our families, too. Wants, needs, supports, and location.

There’s a best choice, a best effort, a best compromise. A best mom in each unique situation.

A parenting poem about acceptance of different "bests" when it comes to parenting choices.

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2 thoughts on “Can’t Both Be Best? – A Parenting Poem

  1. Julie S.

    This is so lovely and so true. Both *ARE* best. Either option is a good option – we make choices based on our lives and our needs, and that is what parenting is about.

    1. Hannah Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Julie! Love and acceptance will always lead to a better experience of life for everyone. Support and open-mindedness, not belittling and a stubborn mind.


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