Stranger Smooching in the New Year

Kissy lips

Kissy lips

Last night was the first night that I can remember ever really getting up to much as a couple on New Year’s Eve in terms of going out. It seems we’ve played it pretty low key in the past few years.

Last year we had a bonfire at our place, just the three of us. The year before that we spent off the grid up at the family cabin. We rang in 2012 in an airport, headed home from our amazing journey through Thailand.

This year we made it out to watch a friend’s fantastic band reunite for a special New Year’s show at the local pub. The only real pub on our little  island.

With baby sleeping soundly at Gramma and Grampa’s, I got dolled up for maybe the fifth time the whole last year, and we went out and danced our little hearts out. We talked and laughed and enjoyed just being adults having a good time together. It was lovely.

And as for the smooching, if you know Salt Spring local’s tendency to liberally share  love and closeness with strangers, you probably won’t be surprised to know that we both received a surprise kiss from a random lady after the countdown finished and the balloons were freed from their hanging net. Awkward, and I’m not really fond of getting so close to a complete stranger, but how does a timid Canadian say no to an excited celebratory smooch?

Happy New Year, all! I can tell this next calendar is going to be full of amazing surprises and lifelong memories.

2 thoughts on “Stranger Smooching in the New Year

    1. Hannah Post author

      Ahahahah so glad you got a giggle out of that. I’ve been realizing as of late exactly how polite we Canadians are, and the havoc we can get ourselves into because of it. Oh Canada, our home and overly courteous land.


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