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A couple of years back, I was introduced to an amazing company with some fabulous morals and a strategic plan in place to offer support to mothers around the world. Getting to know the Global Mothers project, I was uplifted and my faith in human kind restored. Sure, there are an awful lot of companies out there that take away from communities by pushing their unhealthy and costly wares, but there is also a growing understanding that smart business means ethical operations and an honest effort to give back to the world. Global Mothers is definitely in the latter class.

The aim of this little gem of a company is to empower women in Africa, Asia and South America to lead their families and communities out of poverty’s hold. In order to achieve this, Global Mothers partners with non-profit organizations to give mothers (from these other countries where poverty rates are high) the opportunity to sell their products in our bustling marketplace. For a lot of us here in North America, we go out and buy things with very little thought. We may decide on a whim that we need a new pair of shoes, a new outfit, a snazzy new piece of jewelry, a new toy. We have the freedom of product choice, and although many of us may consider ourselves “broke” much of the time, we find the funds for what we need – food, heat, shelter – as well as a little extra to fill our retail therapy “needs”. As well, if we decide we want to make some money for ourselves, starting a small business and finding others with the means of buying our products is a relatively easy endeavour.

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This is not the case for a large portion of our global brethren. Many families cannot afford the basic necessities and go to great lengths to fulfill these vital needs. Popping into the mall for a bite to eat or a tool they need to work on a project just isn’t an option. As for buying, the same goes for selling. If you are surrounded by a community that isn’t thriving on the economic front, how do you create an opportunity for yourself to make headway with your finances? Even if you are a very talented and skilled artisan, if there is no one to sell to that can afford to buy your products, your business has no chance.

This is where Global Mothers steps in. By offering mothers a way of successfully marketing the fruits of their cultural skills and labours, these women are given the chance to break free of poverty’s chains and provide for their families. This builds self-confidence, highlights strength, and sets a positive model of achievement for others. The money these women make through marketing their crafts can then be spent in their communities, helping to better their local economies, which will benefit the community as a whole.

They also get a chance to share their stories. On the “About” section of the Global Mothers website you can find pictures of all the different artisans that work with the project and where they are from. If you click on the image, you can find out more about the specific group of artisans, and the products that they make to sell.

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Above, for instance, is a picture of some of the women who are part of Gogo Olive, a non-profit artisan project based out of Zimbabwe. They make soft and cuddly knit stuffed animals and finger-puppets, which are featured here on the Global Mothers website.

As if the opportunity to help support mothers and communities around the globe by purchasing yourself some stunning accessories or beautiful baby and kids’ items isn’t enough of a reason to spread the word about the Global Mothers project, I am thrilled to be able to offer a fantastic giveaway of their handiworks on The Big To Do List. I have gone through the current product listings offered, and have hand-picked some of my favourite items available for sale in order to bring awareness to this worthy cause and share some of the amazing products with you, my lovely readers! There will be five (5) prize packages of goods to be won in total, and I can’t wait for you to check out these products for yourself! Because I don’t want to overwhelm anyone with the amount of amazingness coming at you, I have broken up the giveaways into two different contests. Enter to win the first giveaway three (3) separate baby and child-friendly prize packages this month, then come back next month to enter to win one of two (2) ladies jewelry and accessory prize packs.

I know way more than just 5 lucky winners will want these fabulous items. Never fear! Right now there is a phenomenal 75%-off sale going on the Global Mothers website. Head there right now and fill your cart with your favourite ladies accessories, nursery décor, and child-pleasing toys to take advantage of these prices, so low you won’t believe it can be true (I couldn’t believe it at first, myself!).


Here are the prize packs that are up for grabs. To get more details on each of my favourite items, click on the hyperlinked product name:


Giveaway 1: Safari Baby Prize Pack ($203 value)



Giveaway 2: Little Cutie Prize Pack ($203 value)


Giveaway 3: Global Kid Prize Pack ($105 value)


Enter to win using the Rafflecopter form at the bottom of this post, and don’t forget to keep your eyes open for a post featuring these remaining giveaway prize packs!


Giveaway 4: Bling Bling Prize Pack ($60 value)


Giveaway 5: Inspired Lady Prize Pack ($103 value)

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47 thoughts on “Supporting Global Mothers

  1. jay nelson

    The Giraffe Wall Peg is artistic – well, they are all but that one is my favourite. Also I covet the air necklace and the infinity scarf. Oh and the chai tea bracelet. And the jungle shadows bracelet and necklace. All the cushion covers (I would love them as general house décor)…so many pretties.

  2. Cathy Tocher

    I was on this site several years ago and one of the things I bought was a pretty little toiletries bag made from recycled materials. I gave it to our daughter and she still loves it.

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  4. alexanernberg

    I would love to win the ” Inspired Lady Prize Pack”. My favorite items are the scarves. Thanks for sponsoring this unique giveaway and for the opportunity to participate.

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  7. Kim D

    There are so many great products it’s hard to say what I would get – but I really like the snake rattles (so cute!) and the Momma and Baby doll (with the Mom babywearing) is amazing!

  8. nape9393

    My favorite items are the wooden toys. My sweetie-pie Elizabeth just got her first tooth this week, and we need all the help we can get with this teething.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  9. Jennifer P.

    My favourite items are the Safari Soft Book, Kantha Baby Blankets, Elephant Apron, Wood Bird Mobile, Pixie Rattles, Otter Stuffie and Lion Backpack. I like a lot of the other items too, those are just my favourites. 🙂


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