Tackling The List – First Post

A friend once polled a group of us with a question that stuck with me. What, if anything, did we each feel we could have been successful at, that we naturally possessed a talent for, but weren’t able to pursue. Maybe our families lacked the funds to have us receive professional instruction, or maybe our skill was more nurtured in the opposing gender. Whatever the reason, something we felt we could have thrived at from an early age if something had been different.

When it came my turn to answer this question, I couldn’t.  There are so many different things I want to enjoy and accomplish in my life. I don’t want to be tied to one thing specifically, have there be just one thing that explains to others who I am and what I’m about. There are a million different things – both big and small – that I want to cross of my personal to-do list.

The problem always seems to be, though, that there are also a million different things that call to be completed before it feels right to pursue the things that we want to do. The things that will fill our souls with the pleasure of being creative and adventurous. Why is it that facing the mountain of laundry always seems more important than making the climb up our mountain of personal goals?

So with all of these things that need to be done, how does one go about tackling all of the other pieces of accomplishment while still making sure the dishes get done, the floors continue to be swept and a comfortable level of order remains in our homes? Maintaining a balance time and time again proves to be of utmost importance to living life, but it’s not always the easiest juggling act to follow.

To-do lists. These lists, scattered all over my counters, my fridge, in my phone, in my head – they seem to be the key to ensuring that, with the things that must be done out of necessity, I continue to be aware of the things that might not always feel as important, but serve their own purpose in filling other needs and keeping my life somewhat balanced. That is what The Big To-Do List is all about – documenting my search for balancing life and continuing my attempts to be creative and adventurous, to live life not only out of necessity but out of joy and searching to find the things that make me feel successful and creative.

My hope is that in documenting this journey of finding balance and getting things done, my attempts can serve as a source of enjoyment and inspiration for others who want to do more than live through necessity.

As honesty is a huge value to me, I will always try to be as honest and frank as possible. I won’t claim to know it all, but will try my best to offer insight and points of inspiration on the pieces I do have some knowledge about. Also, because of my fabulous sense of humour, there are also bound to be some punny points, parodies, and outrageously awkward events. So sit back, stay tuned, and enjoy my efforts to fulfill The Big To-Do List.

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