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With Father’s Day quickly approaching, I thought it would be fitting to dedicate a post entirely to the amazing men (like my darling hubby) that take fatherhood, give it a twist of their own personality and skills, and balance out the feminine with their own version of masculinity. These Dads are teaching out children just as much as the mothers, and offer different views and skill sets that don’t often come from the mothers.

For instance, my darling daughter, at her young 18-months of age, has developed a strong interest in beer and hockey. Those two words are even included in her small repertoire of spoken language. Thanks Dad. I guess she truly is your child, and will never be doubted for her Canadian status.

Beyond the slightly less than desirable (to myself as a mama, anyhow) teachings, fathers tend to have a different way of being with their children that actually brings about more independence and self-help skills. While many of us mothers can easily understand what our little ones need, and tend to quickly jump to their aid (I try my best to give little Z space to struggle, but it’s not easy), fathers generally tend to be more hands-off and allow their little ones the space and encouragement to do more for themselves.

So thank you to wonderful fathers, for everything that you do to raise our children to be capable, gentle, independent, bright, humorous, thoughtful and strong individuals. Your love and care is noticed, and you are appreciated by so many, within your families and outside of them.

In honour of your efforts and struggles, I have put together a bunch of my favourite recent tweets on #dadlife (similar to this post on #momproblems tweets). Enjoy!


A Dad shows his love in the little things.

Dads are great at creating fun times with their kiddos.

And just like Moms, sometimes Dads realize that “fun idea” they had may not have been the best choice. Oops.


Dads teach their children about true strength.


A man’s style may change when he enters Fatherhood.


And just like mom, sometimes Dads have no clue what the kids are saying, either.


Dads are not afraid to dive into the cute and feminine along with their little ones.


Dads are great in the kitchen.


Like Moms, Dads also experience a change in the quantity and quality of sleep.


Dad life means having to deal with the gross stuff, too.


And Dads are no stranger to excitement and pride over their children’s achievements.


Happy Father’s Day, Dads! We’re proud of you, too!

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