We Did It! Another Baby On The Way!

concieving a second child

conceiving a second child

The following is another guest post by the lovely mama, Alea. You can find her previous guest posts on this blog here for I Choose Play, and here for Preparing for a Second Baby.



This past March my partner, S, and myself decided to start trying to add another baby to our family of 3. We had considered that it could¬†take a while to conceive, and were prepared to wait patiently while life took it’s course. March 12th I stopped taking my birth control pill, and by April 16th I took my first positive pregnancy test. Apparently I’m miss fertility ūüôā

During the weeks leading up to a positive pregnancy test I was feeling stressed. One¬†night after “doing the deed” I looked at S and I said “S, we just made a baby”. I¬†have no idea how I knew, but i just did. Call it a mother’s intuition, or just hoping it to be true, but I knew.

A few days later, I went over to my friend Hannah’s house and sat on her sofa, talking with her and one other friend. I asked them if they thought I was essentially crazy because it had only happened 5 days ago, and yet I was starting to experience pregnancy symptoms. All of a sudden I became¬†so tired that I could hardly function. I was needing to eat every hour or I would be¬†sick. I started to notice changes to my body that only happen during pregnancy (for me at least). On April 1st and 2nd i felt the implanting. I experienced really bad cramping and I went home and told S that I was pregnant. Or if I wasn’t, then I was totally crazy and needed help.

We both wanted me to be pregnant so bad. I think I spent over $150 on pregnancy tests, and couldn’t help but take them even knowing they would be a negative because it was far too soon to detect the hormone levels. I was waiting for April 10th, that was the day I was due for my monthly visit, if it was going to come.

April 10th came and went. I took a pregnancy test that claimed I should be able to find out 5 days before Aunt Flo was due to arrive, but no, it was a negative. Then April 16th came and I hadn’t taken another test. I still¬†hadn’t had any clear sign that my body was gearing up for a new month, so I went to the store and got another test.

The double pink line was so faint I had to squint, but as I waited it got darker and darker. I was in a public washroom and I have never been so excited¬†in anticipation of a positive on a pregnancy test. I shot my arms in the air and said “Yes yes yes!” a million times. I picked up my little L, went outside and burst into tears. I was shocked that I had been right all along, I was shocked at my new reality (even though that was the goal), and I was so happy I couldn’t think!

During the process of trying to have a baby I learned quite a lot about fertility and the process your body goes through, even before conception.
I was on my iPad, looking up the best ways to “get down to business”¬†to conceive, what to and not to eat,¬†and the timeframe you have a possibility¬†for “business time” to lead to conception¬†(7 days), where only one of those days is your actual day to conceive. Honestly, trying to have a baby isn’t all fun and games.¬†It was stressful (even though we were excited), and¬†I thought way too much on every topic that popped into my head. Then I would have to research the things I would think about, which led to even more stress.

Now,¬†the next¬†we try again I’m just going to relax. I’m going to¬†consider the 7 days in which¬†I can conceive, and just believe that when a baby is ready to come, it will come. No more stressing about anything. When the time is right, it will happen.

conceiving a second child

Just like it did with my precious little Leo, and just like it did this second time.

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