Ballad of a (Not-So) Stay-At-Home Mom


Last week I took on some substitute work the majority of the week, and this week I’m there again every day. I’m happy to have work, but I wasn’t quite prepared for this much yet. Being away all weekend has taken an ever bigger toll on the housekeeping staff (ie. me), so a short, yet utterly sweet poem I will leave you with for today. I had grand plans of filling you in on a few different useful posts that have been pinballing around my mind, but you’ll just have to wait as I’m trying to prioritize our family needs first. Stay tuned!


Ballad of a (Not-So) Stay-At-Home Mom

My laundry pile is heaping.

Old milk sits in our fridge.

There’s toys strewn all around my house,

You’d think I had more kids.

Cloth diapers hang. No liners, yet.

Our bathtub needs a scrub.

I’m tired of waking up so early,

And my shoulders could want a rub.

Lonely are my sewing machine, my needles, guitar and books.

It’s freezing cold in my fireless house.

The cat is giving me dirty looks.

Three more days, that’s all that’s left.

A few more days of subbing.

Then I can focus on staying at home,

And loving, and laundering and scrubbing.


Phewph! I can’t wait to get back to the cleaning and laundry!




Yep. I guess so. Funny how “you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone”.



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