3 Inspirational Songs: Music That Makes Me Feel

3 Inspirational Songs to Fill Your Soul with Feelings

3 Inspirational Songs to Fill Your Soul with FeelingsI’m an over-emotional mess sometimes. When it comes to music, I never cease to be amazed at the power it has to change my mood and make me feel so intensely. I can be driving along, enjoying the sunshine, and all of a sudden my soul has been captured by the notes and melodies that wind their way around my being, toying with my feels. It’s an odd sort of feeling, not being sad, but inspired to feel so tearful. Trying to hold back tears of pure, strong emotion that push on the back of my eyeballs as the tide of emotion responds to the lunar affect of the song.

I recently stumbled upon a song that I had to download. Another piece of music that pulls at me. Listening to this song has been reminding me of some other songs that match this feeling of intense happy-sadness. It’s not melancholy. It’s brighter and more beautiful than that. It’s as if my soul is being filled up, and my skin starts to tingle as my heart rises to my throat.

3 Inspirational songs that fill my soul with deep feelings.

Anyhow, I got to thinking about some of the pieces that do this to me, and decided that I would share some of these soul-filling inspirational songs with you. You never know, maybe you could use a soul-stoker and a chance to turn into a mess of emotions, too.

3 Soul-Filling Inspirational Songs


Wish I Didn’t – Elizabeth & The Catapult

This is the song I stumbled that got me thinking about this post. I’m loving the acappella part at the beginning! Be forewarned, there are a couple of curse words in here.


My Own Two Hands – Jack Johnson & Ben Harper

If I had to listen to just one musician for the rest of my life, it would probably be Jack Johnson. I find so much soul and happiness in his music, and I love the way he writes about real, human experience and positive concepts for the world to consider.


Same Love – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (Featuring Mary Lambert)

The last of these inspirational songs (for today) was very popular last summer when I found it. Singing the chorus always make me feel so intensely! This song talks about supporting love, marriage equality, and accepting difference rather than being afraid of it. Gah. As I’m typing this I’m listening to the song play in the background where I’m pulling the YouTube video from, and I’m tearing up. Every. Goshdarn. Time. (Psst… Another warning: I do believe there may be a curse word or two in here.)

I hope you enjoyed these songs. What songs make you feel deeply and get your skin to tingle when they play? I’d love to add some more to my playlist. Comment below, or connect with me on Twitter or Facebook. You can also follow my YouTube channel, where I share musings on motherhood, songs for early learning, cute captures of my little one, covers (and maybe soon originals!) of songs I play on guitar and ukulele, and whatever else I feel like showing the world.

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