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summer 2016

dsc_0255Although the calendar says fall isn’t coming until later this month, mother nature has her own plans. The weather has been cooler for the last couple weeks, and we’re getting excited about the changing of the seasons. While August has been over for 12 days already, I’ve finally found a small corner of time and want to revisit the last of our sweet summer days. So let’s take a peek back to what¬†August 2016 looked like through my lens.

We are so lucky to get to spend so much time with two amazing little ladies in the summers. August 2016 was chock full of adventures with them and the other lovely friends they’ve introduced us to.

Showing around visitors to our beautiful little Salt Spring Island means more motivation to adventure back to the most beautiful spots you’ve already discovered. The top of Mt Maxwell is one of those must-see viewpoints on the island. Simply stunning, in many different directions. It’s a special spot for me especially, being the place where my Mister proposed 5 years ago.


August 2016

This summer has been a year of new discoveries, with my Z getting more and more capable by the day. This little acrobat was thrilled to swing on the various rope swings one the different beaches we spent our time on.


We made it out camping more this year than last, even setting up camp in our backyard a couple of times. While camping with a young toddler is definitely do-able, I have to admit that the extra year meant a much easier time.
This picture is grainy, shot in low light on my cell phone, but I love it still. We were all snuggled up in our tent that morning at Lizard Lake on Vancouver Island. Such a special memory.


Of course, the babies came camping, too.



Little Miss Ziggity, taking her baby for a hike behind our campsite.


paddleboarding august 2016

Z loved the paddle board we rented last month so much that we decided to finally cave and get one when a good deal came up. We brought it camping at the lake, and we all enjoyed meandering around the lake, soaking up the sun and glimpsing the lizards (note: newts or salamanders – not actually lizards) swimming below in the water.


Another new favourite pastime for Z this summer was jumping off the boat to go “swimming in the deep, blue sea!” Just look at that face. Pure joy.


Of course, swimming at the beach is always fun, too. I’ve been amazed watching my little girl get a handle on the water, swimming around on her own with her life jacket.


Skilled in the art of relaxing, she is.


We took a trip out to the Kooteneys to visit some family, and meet a new little cousin of Zaiya’s. I’d never been out there before, but the trip started off well with this gorgeous sunset ferry ride, accompanied by some orca whales.


We hiked up a trail to a beautiful Viewpoint overlooking Rossland, BC.

august 2016

Little Z got to experience her first splash park while we were visiting. So much fun!

august 2016


august 2016 salt lake

On the way back home we stopped to take pictures and a better look at this crazy lake that we passed. It said very little about it on the sign, but explained that it has some sort of medicinal significance for the people who have lived there.



Back on Salt Spring Island we spent one of our last few days with Z’s “summer sisters” geocaching out at Southey Point. Such beautiful rock formations and tide pools there.


august 2016 flowers

The water there was remarkably blue-green, too.

We sure will miss these girls. Until next summer.

august 2016

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