Candy Cane Christmas Playdough

Candy cane Christmas playdough

Candy cane Christmas playdough

So, you need some more ideas of festive fun for your little one this December, do you? Look no further!

Actually, wait, do look further. There will be more coming as we complete the Toddler Advent(ure) Calendar of *mainly* Christmas-themed activities that I made up November 30th. Yep. I like to push the envelope. Keeps ya on your toes, you know?

But for now, check out this Christmas special of a playdough recipe my toddler helped me make yesterday, as our first activity out of her advent calendar of fun. It smells great, looks festive, and is super easy to whip up, with or without little hands helping.


Candy Cane Christmas Playdough

Step 1: Open up the recipe for the best ever, no-cook, alum-free, fast and easy, safe for mouthing playdough.

Step 2: Gather ingredients.

Step 3: Realize you are out of cream of tartar and all purpose flour. Head to the grocery store in your jammies and grab those must-haves. Grab some bulk rice while you’re there, because you’ve previously bought quinoa for the 4th time in a row instead of the freaking brown rice you actually needed, and finally remember. Quinoa recipes, anyone?

grocery shopping in pajamas
Pajamas are a solid fashion statement on Salt Spring. (PS. I made that hat -WHAT?!)


Step 4: Go back home and reassemble ingredients. Make playdough as per usual, but without food colouring in the water.

toddler making Christmas playdough


Step 5: Offer toddler the choice of “Christmas tree” (douglas fir) or “candy cane” (peppermint) smells. Realize that toddlers are going to choose “candy” anything over any other choice 11 times out of 10. Add 4-5 drops of peppermint essential oil, and knead it in.

peppermint essential oil christmas playdough


Step 6: After you’ve mixed the playdough, add several drops of red food colouring in different spots in the dough to create a marbling effect as you continue to knead, which resembles a candy cane. Point this out to your little one, and take pictures quickly, as this effect isn’t going to last very long.

candy cane christmas playdough
I actually did this twice as it “kneaded” more colour. #imsopunny


candy cane Christmas playdough


Step 7: Let your little pour a metric ton of green glitter onto the mix. Knead it in, and adjust to the fact that you will be finding glitter everywhere for the next four years.

glitter christmas playdough
Glitter. Where can’t it embed itself?



Step 8: Plop the candy cane Christmas playdough onto your little’s table, add a few “Christmas” themed cookie cutters, a roller and let the festive fun unfold.

candy cane Christmas playdough
It’s a new technique for rolling out dough she made up. Chin-rolling. 73% less effective than regular rolling, but 92% more entertaining.

candy cane christmas playdough


Happy Holidays, folks! The fun is just getting started!

Do you have a way to make your playdough festive? I’d love to see your ideas in the comments below!

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