Choosing Your Own Adventure, One Page at a Time

A few weeks ago I was approached about joining up with a phenomenal photographer that I have admired for years now, asking if I would be interested in joining up with her as her second photographer for her thriving wedding photography business. Am I interested?! Of course!! What an opportunity!

However, I had to stop my excitement for a moment to think. Is photography something I want to do, in a professional way? Well, yes, of course. I absolutely adore each moment I spend seeking out the perfect subject and the most eye-catching frame, behind the camera snapping away, and even at the computer, editing away into the late night to see the snapshots be brought back to the intensity I saw in real life to show their images in the most stunning way I can muster.

But, is now the time?

See, right now (and every day) we have a choice to make about where we spend our time, effort, and our mental energy. As a multi-passionate individual I have a plethora of areas I want to put my energy into, but the time piece is a bit lacking. Especially at this critical time for my family: the last few months before my baby goes off to Kindergarten and our time together takes a serious cut.

So no. Now is not the time. My weekends are precious, and about to get even more so, and while I would love to learn and grow alongside a professional photographer, I love my family more. I know I’m needed here, and I know I’m already pushing myself further than I should be with all the to-dos sparking in my brain, calling to me to make something wonderful happen.

And I will make wonderful happen. In many forms, eventually. But for right now, my story is at a point where I know I need to choose to focus my energy on a couple of areas. Right now, I need to be focused on being the best mama I can be and spending the most quality time present with my daughter that I possibly can. In addition to that, my career as an Early Childhood Educator needs me, too. These two areas seem like the biggest needs for attention in life, and that’s already more than enough. It’s already hard enough to balance motherhood, my relationship with my husband, home life, self care, and my job.

So this is where I’ll be for a while. The rest can wait.

I hope you can understand that while the blog posts may be few and far between until September rolls around, the pages of my story will be filled with exactly what they need to be for my own adventure to blossom and thrive.

I love you all, and I hope you are enjoying the pages you’re turning in your own stories.

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