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I love to see all the different trees dressed up at Christmas. Every time I enter into a new home or building, I gravitate towards their tree, and check out how the people who live their have chosen to decorate it.

It’s always interesting for me to see what’s hanging on a tree. The choice in lights, tinsel, balls and do-dads really seems to say something about the peoplewho reside with the tree. Somewhat of a standing profile of their lives, if you will. Some families trees change every year, and some stay the same. Some trees are lit with brightly colored, flashing lights, while others opt for a more neutral white twinkle. Some look like a professional designer created the well-manicured tree’s fashionable and utterly perfect appearance, while other trees sport scraggly branches laden with eclectic decorations that speak of personal preference. And I love them all.

christmas tree with green and blue decorations

So here I want to share and decipher what my tree (the one I finally broke down and got this year) is made to look like. What it says about our family and what is important to us.

There are not a ton of decorations that hang on our tree, as I haven’t gone out to buy a single one. Instead, our tree bares the various baubles that have been gifted to us, mainly from preschool families as small tokens of their appreciation at Christmas time, but also from friends and family, and a few that have been passed down from older family memebers.

Below I have included an image of each and every ornament that hangs on our tree, but I have decided not to describe where each and every thing came from.

snowman Christmas tree ornamentjack-in-the-box christmas tree ornament"Jean" boot Christmas tree ornamenthockey player Christmas tree ornament Santa face Christmas tree decorationcircle with evergreen tree Black and white bird Christmas tree decoration Snowman heart Christmas tree decoration Pink elephant baby's first Christmas tree decoration  Dream sparkly silver reindeer Christmas tree ornament Over the moon for you owls Christmas tree decoration snowman mitten christmas tree decoration

star with snowman and tree christmas tree ornament Missi Santa Christmas tree ornament cupcake christmas tree ornament reflective present with jewels Christmas tree ornamentFishing tackle box Christmas tree ornamentNutcracker Christmas tree ornamentAngel Christmas tree ornamentPlushie stitched owl Christmas tree ornament

So there you have it. This is what we’ve put together to reflect our lives through hanging dangles and do dads. Looking at it, I see a whimsical and eclectic reminder of our family – past and present, my work with children, and things we find enjoyable, beautiful and precious.

What does your tree say about you?

Our family Christmas tree


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