December 2018 Through My Lens

December 2018

Well, I’m really late on this one, but that’s okay. I’ve left a lot of my unnecessary to-dos at the bottom of my list in favour of spending more of these precious moments out and about with my little one. Our days together are numbered now that she’ll be starting big kid school this fall. I’m handing in her Kindergarten registration today, and it feels so weird. Bittersweet. But it has to happen, and it will be a good change for all of us once we get into our new routines.

So, without further ado, let’s get into some of my favourite snapshots from December 2018.

My Photography Favourites – December 2018

This little man is much loved by us. My girl never misses an opportunity to hold him or to “help” change his diaper.

In December, this little lady had her first dance recital. It was held at Artspring, the big performing theatre here on Salt Spring Island, and it was an absolute pleasure to watch this little gal prance around the big stage with her classmates and teacher as a fluffy white snowflake. In these photos she’s practicing at home in her recital dress.

There was quite a bit of misty weather here in December, but every time it was perfect for shooting in, I seemed to be busy going somewhere, doing something. I brought my camera with me for an off-island trip, but of course the mist disappeared as soon as there was a good spot to pull over. I didn’t capture what I wanted, but these two shots are still kinda cool.

On my next trip off-island (which is actually off our small island, and on the larger island – Vancouver Island) I brought the camera again. I pulled off as often as I could to try to get that mist.

Heading back to Salt Spring on the ferry, there was so much fog we couldn’t even see the water off the boat.

I’ll keep trying until I get a picture of this sweet little one-room schoolhouse and local preschool, Little Red. But for now, these will do.

Horribly blurry, as I couldn’t use the flash and didn’t have the right lens on, but this snap of my little Z on stage for her dress rehearsal simply had to be included in my favourites.

We had a big dump of snow in mid December, which was entirely exciting for this little snowgal. Since the fluffy flakes were not compatible with my big camera, I got these few under cover of our deck, and the rest were on my phone. You can take a peek at my Instagram feed for more snowy action shots.

Inside my favourite little schoolhouse. What a wonderful place to learn through play!

Our snowy little schoolhouse.

Just before the New Year was rung in, we took a stroll through the woods and along the beach of one of our favourite trails on Salt Spring Island with our very good friends. This loop from Quarry Rd is the perfect combo of trees and ocean for a short adventure.

Along the last section of beach before the stairs to head back through the forest, we found our path blocked by a number of large trees that had fallen from the recent snow and wind. This created quite an adventure of clambering over and under trunks and branches, with the tide lapping at our feet in some spots. It was a happy jaunt and an unexpected adventure within an adventure that left us slightly wet but happy.

Our friend’s son found an interesting treasure along our hike – a pineapple! What were you doing there, you crazy fruit?

Last but not least, my silly family wrestling on the couch. Z won, of course.

That’s all for now, folks! Until next month’s photo-log!

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