Early Learning Activity: Pastels on Black

preschool art activity

A couple of weeks ago I was working quite a bit, subbing for an early childhood centre. Even though it was a little bit much all at once for my little one, my mom-in-law and myself, I very much enjoyed being there. I had a lot of fun setting up provocations for different activities.

Here is one preschool art activity that I threw together easily without having planned or done any prep.

preschool art activity

I really enjoy working with pastels. These oil pastels offer another dimension of technique with their smoky smudging capabilities, and the vibrant colours are very attractive, drawing big and little people in the room to try them out.

pastels preschool art activity

The eye-catching colours become even more enhanced when used on a dark background, like this black construction paper. The distinct hues were so vibrant that they seemed to inspire many of the art table visitors to use all of them to create rainbows of colour.

Pastels on black paper preschool art

What’s your favourite art activity to setup for early learners?


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