Friday Five: Cousins, Beauty, Patches and Naked Rain-Dancing

toddler investigating pumpkins in a pumpkin patch


cousins in a hammock More Family Visits

This week we enjoyed more of my family visiting us from out of town and out of province. My lovely sister, her partner and my nephew trekked all the way out here from Alberta.

My beautiful sister. I love that smile.

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family swingset

My brother and his little ones came over for a sleepover one of the nights, so we could have the cousins playing together and catching up. It was wonderful! We wished we could have our other brother’s family with us, too, but it will happen one day.

cousins playing playdough

It felt so nice to enjoy so much quality time as a big family, watching the kiddies play and chatting about life. We even dug out a new fire pit and had a fire to roast weenies and marshmallows over, brought out my guitar and the djembe drum, and filled up my soul jamming with my sister’s musical partner.  



 bon acres pumpkin patch panorama Pumpkin Patch

Before my sister left, we took her little family and my daycare kidlet up to the pumpkin patch at our local farm. It was a beautiful, sunny day for wandering through the patch, poking, touching, investigating and wondering at all of the many different orange orbs. The kids chose two of the smallest, “baby” pumpkins. (Want to know the way to my toddler’s heart? Babies. Babies, babies, babies.)

toddler investigating pumpkins in a pumpkin patch

Now they are here at home, attracting all of the numerous fruit flies (I may have to burn my house down to ever get rid of them) and waiting for me to decide how we will decorate with them. Ideas fit for a toddler to help with, anyone?



Campaigning for Green

This week I announced the start of the #GMCBeauty campaign for green beauty that I am so thrilled to be a part of. Along with a handful of fabulous bloggers, who are all shades of green, we are trying to bring awareness to the toxicity that hides within the beauty industry, and offering helpful information about how to shop for green beauty supplies and introducing our readers to brands they can trust. There are a ton of prizes to be given out this month, so you may want to check out that post and keep your eyes peeled for what’s coming up over the month.  



Rainy, Wet Play

The rain may make me feel lazy and chilly, but it seems to be a hit with little Ziggity. Splashing in puddles, sliding down wet slides, and dancing (preferably “nudy”) as the raindrops fall are highly motivating for my little water creature. (Click on the embedded Instagram video to watch it.)



toddler says I Love You
I don’t have a photo from the week to represent this, so go ahead and oogle at the adorableness that Billie Woods Photography captured a couple months ago.


All You Need is Love

With little Z throwing around words and adding them together like an unstoppable blabbering parrot, I’ve been helping her work on making sentences and phrases. “Totally, dude” is one that I’m loving right now, but my absolute favourite, heart-melting utterance that we got “I love you, Mommy” and “I love you, Daddy” tends to make all the frustrations disappear while my insides gush out all over the floor (not literally – don’t worry, future house guests) and my eyes well up with big watery tears, like the emotional, gushy mess I am. A-freakin-dorable.


How was your week? What did you get up to? I’d really love to know.

2 thoughts on “Friday Five: Cousins, Beauty, Patches and Naked Rain-Dancing

  1. sarahonpurpose2015

    My four year old is all about babies as well… It’s adorable. Your family visit looks wonderful. I am so with you on the fruit fly issue Good grief how do you get rid of them!

    1. Hannah Post author

      Move somewhere in the world where they don’t exist? I’m literally drowning in them right now. Funk my messy, crumby life! They will never leave this food supply!


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