Friday Five: Hiking, Hiding, Turkey Dinner, and the Lake

firday five easy turkey dinner embrace every day

firday five easy turkey dinner embrace every day 

The best bits of my mainly momming week.


It’s not very beautiful here at all. #natureneedsnofilter

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Trips to the lake

This week we made quite a few sunny-day trips down to the lake. We’re so lucky to live so close, making it easy to stroll down spontaneously to enjoy the beautiful fall sunshine glistening back at us from the mirror-like surface of the lake.

We splash at the water’s edge, and throw in rocks and leaves, watching them make ripples. Finding some long sticks and reeds on the shore reminded the little’s of fishing, and Little Miss Ziggity took on that idea with full enthusiasm, catching fish, reeling them in, and giving them to me. I’m loving the level of pretend this little gal has already!

fishing st mary's lake salt spring island
“Fishing! Fishing! Reel up!”





Playing hide-and-seek in the forest up Mt. Erskine. #mysaltspringislandlife


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Hiking up Mt Erskine

Before the dinners commenced, our mama-toddler buddies invited us on a hike up Mt Erskine. This is one of my favourite places to go for a hike/outdoor-wander.  I already mentioned this escapade here, so I won’t go into much detail, but I will say it was an adventure full of fairy doors, candles, gorgeous views, hide-and-seeking, and sweat.    



Enjoying Autumn

I love autumn. You can read this post on 10 of my favourite reasons for loving fall. Or you can take a look at some of these shots to get an idea, if you’re not already living it up in the same season.

toddler in a pumpkin patch

Leaf piles, pumpkins, the unique way the sun shines warm through the cool crisp air of autumn. It’s all just so beautiful.



quick and easy thanksgiving dinner turkey dinner

Our First Real Family Thanksgiving Dinner

This year we enjoyed two Thankful dinners: one with friends, and one with our tiny, happy little family of three. If you follow my blog at all, you probably already are aware that I am not exactly what you would call domestically-talented. So how did I pull off a full turkey dinner all by my lonesome?

what my kitchen looks like when I cook
This is what my kitchen looks like when I cook. It actually looks a lot better in this picture than it does when you can see the whole other side of disaster, dirty dishes and random strewn food items.


Fried turkey cutlets, canned cranberries, and boxed stuffing. The carrots and Brussels sprouts were roasted, the potatoes were mashed, and the gravy was mixed up from a package. Personally, I prefer the easy route. It all tastes the about same to me (actually, I prefer the boxed stuffing to the homemade stuff), and less stress makes everything taste better.  




Have you heard? Hiding is all the rage this week. I’m not seeing it dying down any time soon, either.

Playing this game with toddlers can be highly hilarious, since only their eyes need be covered for them to think they’re invisible, and they often shout out about where they are or where to look from their impenetrable hiding places. It’s just so awesome!

As is having a few minutes of still, quiet toddlers while you “look for them” in the kitchen. Hmmm… Could she be in the fridge? Nope just veggies here. In the chopping block? Nope, just this knife. How about in this baking pan? Weird, well I’ll just put these freshly chopped veggies here…


How was your week? What are you getting up to in this amazing autumn sunshine?

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