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virtual kids music and movement class online homeschool

virtual kids music and movement class online homeschooling covid school distance learning 2020Life is a-changing all around me. Such an interesting time to be alive, eh? Never sure exactly what to expect or what’s going to happen, or when we’ll be ready to move on with life that’s a little more reminiscent of the “before” of this pandemic. (PS… If you’re just looking for info on the virtual kids music and movement class that I’m offering, and don’t want to read through all the blabbing coming out of me, it’s at the bottom of this post.)

Recently my family made the decision to opt for a home learning environment this fall. Probably not registered homeschooling, but distance learning – we have yet to solidify what DL school to enroll her with. Yes, there is a difference between homeschooling and distance learning that I had no idea existed before this. I’ve learned a lot about the different choices you have if you decide to go an alternate route from the whole brick & mortar school thing. It’s far more complicated than I imagined. But, while that’s a bit overwhelming for us to figure out what to do, I’m keen on the fact that we have choices and that the learning this year will be more tailored to our creative individual of a soon-to-be Grade 2-er.

homeschooling grade 2 distance learning covid pandemic school
A poem written by Z during our suddenly-homeschooling Spring semester.
Z snuggles the pillow she sewed by herself on an independent project at home. Life skills for the win!

With this change from in-class learning to having our Z home full time, this leaves me with a bit of a backwards change. I did not expect to ever be a full-time stay-at-home Mom again. It has just recently in the last year or two started feeling like I’m becoming my own person again, getting to engage in pieces of my life that were important to my own self-fulfillment and contributing financially to my family (as well as saving up some funds for the non-essential desires, like the new camera I bought to enhance my photography business last fall, or the family adventures to explore different parts of the world together).

Salt Spring Island wedding photography
One of the photos from my most recent photography projects, a beautiful and intimate Salt Spring Island wedding.

So, while I’m looking forward to the chance to spend this time focused on my own child’s learning and feeling a little bit safer about our level of contact with others while the virus is bopping around, I’m also grieving the parts that are lost in this change.

Spending days working while doing what I love: playing in the forest with children who inspire me and touch my heart and soul in that way that only a 3-year-old’s unexpected and deeply insightful questions can. Gosh, I’m getting teary thinking of all the incredible moments I’ve witnessed in and around the special little schoolhouse that’s been a large part of who I am for the last four years.

homeschool distance learning experiential learning covid
Exploring and learning with nature at the lake.

Anyhow, we’ve made up our mind on this and it does feel good to have some certainty set in this uncertain situation, for at least the next small chunk of time. “Biting off little chunks at a time.” Good advice from a wise woman I’m thankful to have the support of. It’s been a helpful way for me to look at this unplannable expanse of time, as the kind of person who needs to have a plan and make sure everything is always set up for success. I’ll just consider any “plans” in 3-month chunks, and remember that no matter how much you plan, it’s all uncertain in the end anyways, so roll with things as they come and be flexible.

Homemade bread, another lesson in life skills.

Speaking of flexibility, because I’m losing my steady income I am trying to push harder at my self-employed income streams, and add some new ones on. Joining Outschool as a teacher is one of these strategies to earn an income as a stay-at-home mom, and I’m thrilled to have been accepted after the application process. I have just listed my first section for the virtual kids music and movement class that I will be running (if the spaces fill), and I’m excited about the opportunity to try something new (as well as a titch nervous about the idea of essentially performing live on recorded video while I get silly in my preschool way – it will be a step outside my comfort zone for sure).

virtual kids music and movement class online preschool

So if you are looking for a way to offer your suddenly-homeschooling or distance learning young child opportunities to experience a group class of interactive movement through music and story in a safe online space, I’d love for you to take a peek at my virtual kids music and movement class offering on Outschool. (Psst – there’s actually a ton of really cool classes for kids and adults of all ages to learn and enjoy new things, so even if my offering isn’t aligned with you right now, you might find something else that is!)

Whatever you’re doing this year, good luck out there, parents! It’s not an easy choice any way you look at it.

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