January 2018 Through My Lens

January 2018 photography

With our big Panama trip taking up most of February, I didn’t get a chance to put up my favourite photography from January before we left. Then we came home and, beyond a bunch of catch up I had to do with projects at my preschool and returning the zillion emails I had waiting for my return, I just haven’t been able to bring myself to spend much time at all online. Just when I was feeling ready to get back up on the horse and back to my writing routines, the news of my Grampa’s passing threw me back into the land of lacking motivation, taking a lot of time for myself to sit still with my thoughts.

While the loss is still fairly fresh, I’m finding the need to get back to busy again. (Also, my knitting project is at a point of needing blocked before I move onto the scary process of my first steaking, so I’m procrastinating on that.) And so, I finally bring to you my favourite shots from January.

My Favourite Photos from January 2018

The first series of photos comes from a trip on Vancouver Island with my little gal for her cousin’s gymnastics birthday party. The mist was amazing over the ocean that day, so I made a special stop to try to capture it. I didn’t get what I wanted, but still ended up with some shots I liked.

I pulled over on a little road to try to capture the mist one last time before the party. I like the contrast of these eerie black-and-whites to the bright and colourful shots that are usually my photography style.

And, of course, one capture of this gymnast at the party.

The second set of photos came from a morning of going out with a friend and our cameras to see what we could snap. I included two similar shots (above and below) because I can’t decide if I like the light and composition in the top photo better than the straight horizon of the one below. Which do you prefer?

Please tell me you can see the “beached narwhals” in this driftwood shot.

Booth Canal

The last photos were taken at an old pub that’s being torn down in Vesuvius. My photography partner-in-crime is working on the deconstruction of this building, so we were able to go onto the property for some closer shots.

Januray 2018 photography pacific northwest

And the last shot from January that I’ll be sharing with you today is of an enormous pile of firewood put there by the wonderful volunteer efforts of the parents at our preschool. The firewood was raffled off after this, and helped to raise over $1000 to help us repair the gutters at our special little one-room schoolhouse in the forest.

Now, to get busy with all the phenomenal captures from our February spent in Panama. I cannot wait to get to those adorable sloths and magical beaches!

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Happy Spring, everyone! Stay tuned for more coming soon. 🙂

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