July 2017 Through My Lens

july 2017 vesuvius bay

Holy moley, me oh my! We’re already over half-way through August and I haven’t been able to find time to post my favourite shots from July yet! While I did give notice and removed myself from the social media management game to give myself more time, I still have a lot of my plate and have been enjoying using that extra time to organize my life. I’ve also been delving more and more into the editing of my photos, which has been an addictive and fulfilling process. Earlier this month I shared this post recapping an impromptu maternity photo shoot, and my plans to jump deeper into photography, starting a photography section on my website to more easily share my work (soon with options to purchase prints and more – keep an eye out!).

So without further ado, here are my favourite images shot with my iPhone and Nikon D5000 throughout the month of July 2017.

My Favourite Photos in July 2017

july 2017 heart sunglasses

July 2017 weird art

G-man and I got away for our 5-year wedding anniversary and spent a night in an cute and intriguing little apartment in Victoria. This is not the most visually appealing photo, but I’ve decided I like including these personally imperfect shots. I like to go back on the memories.

July 2017 cardigan knit sweater

Okay, here’s another not-so-great-but-wanted-to-share shot. My sweater is finished! I still have been procrastinating on blocking it (my first blocking attempt), but I’ll get there before fall really sets in.


july 2017 tire swing


july 2017 Salt Spring IslandJuly 2017 puppy love

This girl sure loves dogs. Watching her with her aunt’s little fella really made us think about adding another furry member to our family. There are lots of reasons for us to find a dog, but I really am not keen on the idea outside of the pros. Hmm.

July 2017 Beautiful salmon dinner

Parts of the prettiest dinner, which Zaiya turned into a rice bowl of salmon, rice, and edible flowers from our garden.

July 2017 beach day

Beach bummin’ in style near Isabella Point.

July 2017 Climbing the slide

As long as there’s no one wanting to come down, climbing the slide lets them challenge themselves in a new way. I say go for it.

Also, notice the giant crack in the slide? It’s been that way at Drummond Park for over a year now. I was psyched to see on our last trip there that someone was finally able to fix it!

This big girl has been a lot of help and a great friend to the little one we’ve been caring for this summer. It’s so beautiful to see these young friendships emerge!July 2017 first time flying a kite

In July, Z got to fly a kite for the first time. It was a much anticipated event, waiting for a windy day, and a squealing-ly good time.

Summer’s around here bring a lot of rope swing time. This one is at Bader’s Beach.

July 2017 Bader's Beach

Swimming buddies setting off to sea.

And last but certainly not least, here are some of my favourite shots from another recent maternity photoshoot (after this impromptu one). It was so much fun shooting with these silly love birds and their kiddos.

July 2017 Salt Spring Island maternity photography July 2017 salt spring island maternity photography July 2017 ruckle park maternity photography

Thanks for taking a peek at what I captured on my camera last month. I’m looking forward to sharing what I’m taking pictures of in August. Stay tuned!

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