June 2017 Through My Lens – Photography Favourites

June flew by with the official start of summer, the final flip of weather from rain to sun, the ending of our school-year preschool program, and preparations for our summer and fall preschool programs. In between all this business I tried to sneak in some photos of the special moments that happened this past June 2017.

Some of these photos were taken on my iPhone, and some are taken with the Nikon D5000. I don’t edit my photos, though a few of these do have filters applied from Instagram posting. Also, I’ve been working on getting up a photography section on my website, and some other exciting projects related to that. Keep an eye out for a formal announcement coming soon!

My Favourite Photos from June 2017

Boating near Long Harbour.

Sneaky spider on our thimble berry bush. I saw the bee before the spider, then looked closer. I believe my husband G actually took these two photos. It’s so hard to tell when you share a camera!

We made sushi one night, just me and my girl (with prep help thanks to G). She may have munched some of the seaweed prior to rolling.

Come on, Mom. Quit taking pictures so we can eat already.

ELF (or StrongStart) Beach Day was a blast again this year. Z helped to design her face painting to be “Elsa, Tiger, with a little bit of Prince.”

Daisy, daisy, give me your answer true.

You can’t see them, but there be orcas under the ocean here.

We took a beautiful hike up to the top of Mt. Erskine at the start of June. We hiked up with some of our dearest friends, enjoying all the fairy doors along the way.

What a view! I’ll never tire of it.

Ice cream for dinner is perfectly acceptable some hot summer nights, right?

Fancy dresses add an extra challenge to playground fun, but will she let me help guide her clothing choices? Not a chance!

Jumping off her favourite jumping rock at the top of Mt Maxwell.

A view of Fulford Valley from the top of Mt. Maxwell.

There was plenty of time spent pretending to live and garden on Mt Maxwell.

We finally got our driveway redone! It needed it badly, it was pretty bumpy and almost impassable for low vehicles. This little lady was a big helper to shovel and rake with her pops. “Look at me! I’m raking! I’m raking! I’m a raking master!”

Just look at that face. Childhood dreams be flying!

I love this little freckled face!!

Swinging away at this special little schoolhouse.

We went a ways down one of the trails up Maxwell for the first time, and found this spectacular private viewpoint. Thanks to my lovely university buddy for coming to visit us all the way from Austria and inspiring this journey.

Walking and talking with Daddy-o.

There’s a neat labyrinth set up as the Point Gallery down in Fulford, next to the Fruitcicle stand. It’s definitely worth the trip! We loved the tall grass and daisies to roam through, and the rope swing was a major hit with my two little companions.

We found a new lake spot to enjoy that’s a bit less crowded.

A special Friday night fire, just me and my little hot dog monster.

Cherry earrings!

Our strawberry are finally coming to an end in their production, but we have had so many berries this year! Mmmmm. Garden fresh goodness!

Vesuvius beach day!

And last but not least, here are a few photos of a lovely bouquet Z put together (with my help) special for her Dad. She was so very proud of these.

Thanks for taking a peek at my June 2017 photography favourites! Check back soon for the next set, and the other awesomeness that’s posted here. 🙂

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