Karma is a Beautiful Thing



Last week I turned down a sponsored post on a product I didn’t feel great about. It’s not that it was a “terrible” product, it was just something I couldn’t fully stand behind given my perspective in regards to what I consider to be healthy and naturally safe choices.

Let me tell you, it’s not easy to say no to a sponsor when you’re still in the beginning stages of building a blog, and opportunities for increasing your monetization¬†aren’t exactly throwing themselves at you, let alone on a regular basis. However, I couldn’t just throw aside my convictions in favour of dollars. That’s just not me. I’d rather be poor and happy with a good conscience than rich and bogged down with a mind not at peace.

This week, karma came back to me in the form of a campaign I am so thrilled to be part of, with products of the same type as the one I declined, but that are exactly the kind of healthy, safe and natural products I want to be involved with, have been searching for, and want to help people find out about. (I can’t spill the beans quite yet, but rest assured, I have some fantastic things coming up for you, lovely people!) Beyond the awesomeness of the companies and products I’m getting involved with, the sponsorship is more than three times as much as the opportunity I was given, that I had to pass on.

The serendipity of this is just too perfect.

I’m sharing this with you to remind everyone that you don’t have to sacrifice what you really believe in to make a profit. What you put into the world will come back to you. Just be patient, be thoughtful, and don’t be afraid to say no to something you’re not behind 100%. This goes for blogging, and for so many other things in life.

Keep your eyes open, keep your intentions pure, and stay honest with yourself and others. Give great opportunities a safe landing place to see and settle into, and they will find their way.

Karma is a beautiful thing.

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