Mother’s Day with a Toddler

Happy Mother's Day from a toddler

Happy Mother's Day with a toddler

Dear Mama (otherwise affectionately known as “ahhhhhh!”, “nnnnnnggggg!” or “boob”),

Today is Mother’s Day. This doesn’t mean a lot to me.

Don’t get your hopes up. I won’t be letting you sleep in. I’m all for breakfast in bed, though, and will be ready to nurse upon waking.

A special breakfast? Sure! I will take pancakes in dollar size and yogurt. The yogurt isn’t really for filling my belly, though. I’d love to paint you a picture all over my tray, face, and highchair. (If you’re lucky, I’ll probably even mix in some of my own snot.) You’re welcome.

Today I will still need you to wipe my nose, kiss my owies, read my books, find my toys, and keep me from offing myself in the electrical sockets and by way of couch diving and bookshelf scaling. Sorry, I missed that Hallmark memo about letting you take it easy today, and Dad’s not here to remind me.

I heard something about making you a special present on Mother’s Day. You’ll be so pleased – I’ve got just the thing brewing up for you. Extra special and straight from the heart bowels.

I’m just a little thing still. I may not understand that today I’m supposed to treat you like you are the most important person in my life, but guess what? You are. Every day.

I love you. I need you. I may not know it now, but one day I’ll realize all the selfless things you did for me, constantly, and all the frustrating and stressful moments you went through to raise me to be the amazing person you know I can be. The amazing little person I already am.

So Happy Mother’s Day, Mama. You better spoil yourself today for me, and I hope you realize just how great of a mama you really are.

Love, slobbery kisses, and snot-spreading hugs,

Your toddler XOXO

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