Oops, I’m Doing It Again – Daily Blogging Challenge

daily blogging challenge
daily blogging challenge
Oh my. Try not to focus on all the dust.

Last year, at the very beginning of my blogging adventure, I joined in on a month-long daily blogging challenge. I’m sure a lot of people thought I was crazy for making an effort to post each and every day, but I set aside a small piece of time each day to write at least a little something and get it up and ended up not only enjoying succeeding at this challenge, but also made some very valuable connections and discoveries that would lead to betterment of myself as both a blogger and a person.

Well, the time has come again, kiddies. I’m three days in to the challenge, and looking forward to making the most out of October, even though this will be an exceptionally busy month for me already. Here’s hoping I can handle it! (I seem to be off to a good start, with all my posts up until Tuesday already scheduled as my darling sister and her family will be visiting, so I want to maximize my time with them.)

It may seem counter-productive to pump up the jam in my blog by posting every day, and then bring it to a sudden halt, but that is exactly what I’m planning. With all the investment into my little piece of virtual real estate in October, I’m planning to balance it out by taking November off from the interwebs. I may post once a week during November, but then again, I might not even go that far. Once December shines it’s festive little face on us, I’m hoping the experience of the two extremes in blogging activity will help me settle into a balanced routine of writing and posting at just the right intervals.

This time around the blogging challenge, there are some bloggers I participated with last year and some new peeps to get to know. I’m thrilled to be a part of this group of fabulous and ambitious bloggers!

Here’s who will be joining me on this quest, and what you can find on their blogs:

Three Chickens and a Boat – Lifestyle… and chickens.

Tales of Mommyhood – Family.

Whine and Cheese – Humour, lazy mom hacks, wine drinking. (What’s not to love about this??)

Sparkly Shoes and Sweat Drops – Parenting, humour, mental health, fitness.

Scarlett Ballantyne – Beauty talk, parenting, curating pretty things.

Just a Mom? – Family, crafts, and general neurotic rambling.

You Pinspire Me – Frugal Home Tips, Small DIY Projects, Delicious & Easy Recipes, & Minimum Prep Kiddie Crafts

Sarah On Purpose – Intentional living.

The Joy of Cooking (for Little Assholes) – Parenting. It’s not for the faint of heart.

Red Cottage Chronicles – DIY home projects, home decor, recipes and other fun stuff that goes on at our little cottage home!

CANADIANCYNDIB – Parenting, personal finances, genetics, travelling, education, and life experiences.

Preshus Me – My kids, books, TV, movies, parenting, motherhood, product reviews, whatever strikes me fancy!

My Life in the Sun – Family, Travel, Fun, Life.

Eclectic Soapbox – Family, food, reviews etc.

Creative Cynchronicity – A lifestyle blog about embracing the joy in every day life through quick and easy family meals, fun crafts and family activities, parenting, travel, health, and more.

Positively Patty – Lifestyle

Slow is the New Fast – Running, fitness with some parenting and lifestyle thrown in.

The Whimsy One – Travel, recipe, infertility, mental health, and more.

Diary of a Domestic Diva – Parenting, fitness, lifestyle.

Seven Little Monkeys – Birthday party ideas, cakes, and recipes.


Here’s to a crazy and full October!!

7 thoughts on “Oops, I’m Doing It Again – Daily Blogging Challenge

  1. ndscott2014

    Thanks for sharing this! It’s cool to see a list of everyone doing the challenge! I’ve been so stuck in my own niche, it’s cool to reach out and read so many different things!

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