OneDay You’re Going to Miss This

baby on Dad's arm
baby on Dad's arm
Original photo by Billie Woods Photography

It all goes by so fast. Enjoy every minute. Treasure each moment. Insert other catch phrases parents whose children have grown older than your own will wisely impart upon you.

It’s a lot to live up to, this expectation that each and every minute of the day I should be engrossed in rich memory making, like a free-spirited mother on a magical family vacation flyer.  Instead, most of the time I am engrossed in flung squashed banana and near-disastrous diaper dealings.

No, lady. Not every moment is as magical as your fleeting memory is making them out to be. But the thought that my time with my little one is finite for each stage of her growth, that I won’t be able to carry her in my arms and snuggle her to sleep for very long in the grand scheme of things, this does make those tough moments easier to get through when I realize it for myself. And regardless of the ratio of pleasant to poopy events in the raising of my child, I will want to document some of our journey through the messy, happy, frightening, frustrating, wondrous world of parenthood.

During my time working with the Salt spring Families website, I was presented with the opportunity to try an app that made documenting all these special memories a snap – OneDay. If you would like to, take a peek at this previous post that includes a visual story I recorded of me recording advice for my daughter in the future.

The OneDay app makes it easy for parents and children to record their memories in video format. Find yourself going blank with what to do or say when the camera’s on? Not to worry! OneDay makes coming up with content a breeze, with tons of suggestions for different stories to tell. There are categories for babies/toddlers, kids, adults, and even seasonal stories that change with the occasions, such as Halloween, Christmas and New Years. Within each story there are different questions to answer or expand on, to keep you going. And if you don’t feel a particular question or topic is important to the unique story you want to tell, you can skip that question and move on to telling the parts that are important to you.

Want to know the really cool part? OneDay is FREE! Download it today, free of charge, and start making those precious memories into invaluable stories that will last a lifetime… or several lifetimes! With all the great places to store and backup information on-line, your special time-capsules can be safely stored and protected for your children, your grandchildren, your great-grandchildren…

Since the last time I used the app, new story ideas had been added. I had a lot of fun going through and recording new stories. Especially now that my little bean is a bit older, and her personality is really starting to shine. Actually, that’s the story I chose to share with you today – Personality. This time, instead of watching plain old me trying to act natural in front of the camera, you get to watch an adorably sweet (yes, biased) baby do what she does best – be a cute baby toddler. Right. She’s a toddler now. Time really does fly!

She’s pretty fantastic, that daughter of mine! I love her to bits and cannot wait to watch (and document) as she grows into the amazing woman I know she will be.

If you’re wanting to start capturing memories to look back on as your child grows and changes, give the OneDay app a try. You have nothing to lose, and so many wonderful recorded memories to gain. Right now the app is available on iOS devices, only, but stay tuned as that is about to change very soon.

Because I am working with #OneDayKids to help spread the word about this handy little movie-maker, I am able to offer to you, my lovely readers, the chance to win a $150 VISA gift card. Pretty sweet, right? Enter to win using the Rafflecopter form below, and I wish you the best of luck!

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*Disclaimer – Although this post has been sponsored by the #OneDayKids campaign, all of the above thoughts and views are honest and solely my own. You can read my full disclosure policy here.*

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