Pumpkin Carving!

Halloween is just around the corner, and this year we actually managed to carve up some pumpkins. I was thrilled, as this wasn’t something I got to do as a child, and haven’t really made an effort to tackle as an adult, aside from the basic opening up and cleaning out the seeds for my preschool classes.


There are more ideas for creative and cool pumpkin carving on the internet than you could shake a festive stick at, so my husband and I took a quick peek for inspiration and settled on some unconventional designs.

Our Cool Pumpkin Carving Designs

Being a fisheries student and angling aficionado, my hubby tackled (pun intended) this glorious gourd design.
cool pumpkin carving salmon fish

Being an overly clumsy individual with terrible hand-eye coordination, handling knives has never really been my strong suit. In fact, hubs will usually take over the big cutting jobs after watching me make some terrifying stabs at watermelons, large squashes, and other tricky to tackle fruits and vegetables. I don’t complain, either, as I’d rather not lose any digits or make any more alterations to my bruised and battered body. Since we were switching off use of our friends garage for carving and watching babies with the boys, I was forced to wield some very large, sharp utensils without relying on my better-cutting half. No fingers were harmed in the carving of these pumpkins, and one of the ladies snapped a quick picture to share with my partner, who was surely writhing with worry that I might carve myself.

carving a pumpkin

I wanted to try my hand at some fancy design, and when I came upon a picture of a carved candy skull, I set my sights on recreating something like that. Although I was cursing myself for my wild ambitions while trying to draw out a design on my pumpkin, I think it turned out fairly successfully.

candy skull cool pumpkin carving

So, there’s one thing I can cross off the To-Do List! Now I’m looking forward to dressing up with the little bug and checking out all of the other pumpkin art on Freaky Friday. Hooray for Halloween!

cool pumpkin carving

P.S. You might want to check out this post with ideas for creative pumpkin carving and decorating with toddlers.

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