Soul-Filling Memories – Friday Five(ish)

friday five tongue out

friday five tongue out

Yet again, my fine, fine friends, I have got all caught up in this “life” thing that seems to happen to most of us, and didn’t get a chance to share last week’s five favourite memories. Because this is my blog, my project, and I’m calling the shots, I’m going to go ahead and make this week’s post cover the last two weeks, since awesome stuff has happened, and I want to log it for the future trips down memory lane.

So. Here you have it. My last two weeks’ best bits in a nutshell.


Movin’ to the Music

Lately my little munchkin’s enjoyment of music has been blossoming. She’s been making up songs and singing to herself and anyone else around, and playing all our instruments (we made a band yesterday that was the highlight of my life, both groovin’ to the music as she played the harmonica and I strummed on my uke). We’ve also been having some pretty fantastic dance parties, just the two of us or as a family when Daddy’s home. My soul is soooooo full with these memories.



Mama Love

Z’s been continuing to develop her knowledge of babies (the most enticing thing in the world for her), and has made the connection that she used to live in my belly, just like other mamas we see have babies growing in theirs. My belly button is “hers” and must be checked in on from time to time, to gently run her fingers over and trace the scar nearby that was left from all the crazy C-section complications. She snuggles up against it, then wants me to “hold Z like a baby in mama’s arms”.

Even though she’s growing more independent and can do so much for herself now, she stops what she’s doing frequently to say “I love you, Mama” and has started saying “I need Mommy!” fairly often, and as much as I enjoy having the space to do other things that need done, I’m overjoyed that she wants to be held and rocked and nuzzled. She won’t need me like this forever, and I don’t think I’ll ever be ready for that to happen, so I will take all I can get for now.



My (Not-So) Little Girl

A little buddy had a birthday party last weekend. Z was thrilled to wear her “fancy party dress”, and Daddy took over getting her ready while I made an attempt to hide my baggy eyes and two awful zit-tastrophies with make up. When she came out in her dress, homemade necklace and the cutest little hairdo I have ever seen, it blew me away.

For the rest of the day I couldn’t stop staring at her, losing my heart even more (how is this possible??) to the little girl who is growing so fast.

We picked up some doll clothes and a little high chair from a consignment store this weekend, and it made me so flipping happy to watch her and join in playing with the little dolls. I can’t believe we’re at this point already, doing the things I remember enjoying as a little girl myself.



Papa Love

Along with the love for Mama has come the love for her Dad. While we’re driving, eating, playing, cleaning, bathing – you name it – she will all of a sudden think of her pops and exclaim “I love Daddy”. We then need to call him so she can tell him, and I watch as she has a conversation on the phone with him. Seriously. So big.

I love that they get to share so much time together, and that they’re building such a strong bond.



Drummond Fun

It was a gorgeous sunny day this week, so we packed up and headed out on an adventure. We hadn’t really made a plan as to where it was we were going, so on the way we talked about where we wanted to play, and both beach and playground were desired. There’s one of the playgrounds on Salt Spring Island that can fill both of those wants, so we drove down to the South end of the island and spent the day at Drummond Park.

I brought the fancy camera and we spent hours (much longer than intended) climbing and sliding, swinging and running, walking the beach in search of treasures and throwing in little rocks. We picnicked on the benches and met new friends. I snapped as many moments up as I could, never wanting them to go away.

It was a perfect day. I love adventuring with this little spirit.



Visiting Lambs

It’s lambing season around here and baby sheep are popping out everywhere. When we found out there were two new lambs at Sunset Farm that we could go see, we hopped in the truck and headed to check them out. We spent longer than intended (again) watching the lambs play, feeding the ewes, and taking a peek at the ponies there.

watching lambs


Trying to call a sheep over to eat her tiny speck of grass.

It was another beautiful experience, and I’m realizing I need to plan more of these adventures into our week, rather than sticking to our usual routines of errands and Strong Start. While both of those are enjoyable ways to spend a day, too, they lack the feeling I get sharing a moment so new and exciting like this with my little ray of sunshine.

pony face

Well, I didn’t do too bad, actually. I summed it all up in six points. However, I now realize that I did actually post last Friday, and am seventy-three percent insane. Oops. Ah well, still my circus, my monkeys, and my six awesome memories to save forever.

How was your week?

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