Sugar Free Virgin Margarita

sugar-free virgin margaritas

sugar free virgin margarita

If you were to stumble upon our patio right now, you might be surprised by the presence of multiple sombreros.

No, we are not starting a mariachi band or recently returned from a sunny Mexican vacation. Surprisingly playing host to a small Mexican-themed event (deliciously catered by El Loco Taco, the local Salt Spring Island taco cart), we got into the spirit of the theme. Now, when I think of sombreros and tacos, margaritas naturally come to mind. Especially on such a hot summer day as the ones we’ve been having here, frozen margaritas are a delicious way to cool down and feel festive.

They are so dangerously refreshing, in fact, that you can often drink more than intended quite quickly. For myself, the other pregnant or nursing mamas, and the underage crew, the virgin margarita is a must. So next to the blender of regular-strength margaritas we mixed up a more tame – but equally tasty – batch of virgin margaritas.

Because I wanted to keep these margaritas as healthy as possible, for adults and children alike, I made a simple substitution. Instead of using regular simple syrup to sweeten the frosty lime beverages, I swapped the sugar out for NuStevia Simple Syrup.


This is just one of the NuStevia products by NuNaturals that replaces sugar and other unnatural sweeteners. I’ve tried a variety of NuStevia Pure Liquid Stevia to add flavourful sweetness to yogurt (vanilla and lemon) and to make my own sugar-free soda pop (black cherry vanilla and orange). The chocolate syrup makes me a healthier version of chocolate milk, and when I’m feeling I want a bit of delicious comfort in the morning, I add a touch of Powdered NuStevia to my tea. I’m no stranger to NuStevia, so I was fairly confident that the sugar-free margaritas would be delicious.

I was absolutely right.

They were so good in fact, that I’ve been dreaming of them since the weekend, and ended up making another batch of these fancy frozen drinks to share with my little summer band of sun-loving, frozen-treat-craving youngsters. Being that they only use three simple ingredients, and require only to be blended up in a blender, these virgin margaritas are even incredibly easy to whip up, which makes them even more appetizing.

sugar free virgin margaritas


Sugar Free Virgin Margaritas Recipe

What you need:

sugar free virgin margaritas

  • Ice
  • Lime juice (You could squeeze limes for your own fresh lime juice, or go the easy route like me and buy some)
  • NuStevia Simple Syrup


What you do:

Step 1. Put ice, a good squirt of lime juice, and three or 4 quick squirts of syrup (remember, stevia is sweeter than sugar, so you don’t need much, and if you overdo it it can taste bitter – start small).

Step 2. Add some water. The blender will freeze up unless it has enough liquid, so you may need to keep putting in splashes of water and giving the blender ingredients a bit of a poke to keep things moving (note: don’t try this while it’s busy blending).

Voila. Your tasty beverage is ready to enjoy. Grab some shades, sit in the sun and enjoy!

sugar free virgin margaritas


Giveaway alert!

Because the people behind NuStevia are so sure you’ll love their product if you try it, they are allowing me to give away yet another batch of fantastic NuStevia Prize Packs. These lovely people at NuNaturals are offering four of you fabulous folk a chance to win a prize pack of NuStevia product.

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6 thoughts on “Sugar Free Virgin Margarita

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  2. Ashley

    I would love to try NuStevia! I have heard of it on other websites but have not made the plunge into buying some. I am going to switch to eating cleaner and only using products that are nourishing!

  3. Edmond

    Wow, prize NuStevia is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. :) Pick me, pick me! P.S. Luv the cute kid with the cute hat drinking .


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