How To Support Your Local Early Learning Community

Little Red Schoolhouse Salt Spring Island

Children are not just fast-moving, endless question-asking, frequently challenging little beings that will one day be a part of our communities and world. They are already here and have the capability to make powerful changes and additions to our lives. While we sometimes see videos and posts that blow us away with the ingenuity, talent, and passions of young humans, children’s abilities are often overlooked. I feel many often forget that all children have the ability to wow us and do amazing things. We simply need to give them the time, space, acknowledgement, and support to prove their capabilities and the importance of early learning.

Little Red Schoolhouse Salt Spring Island

One way to support children as part of our community is to offer what we have to maintain and enhance the spaces in which early learning is carefully supported by Early Childhood Educators. Preschools, day cares, and other early learning centres are a vital part of our communities. By ensuring they continue to operate in the best way possible can have an enormous effect on the experiences of children who are growing and learning each day. Think for a moment – what skills, materials, or power do you have to offer early learning centres and the community as a whole?

I have been intertwined with a local preschool – Little Red Schoolhouse – for a number of years now, and am thrilled to finally be returning to work as an ECE in this space this fall. As the historical schoolhouse was built in 1885, it requires continual maintenance to keep everything safe and fully operational. As the space is in need of a fair bit of TLC this year, those involved with the schoolhouse are trying to do what we can to raise funds and enlist help to keep our lovely Little Red running smoothly.

On August 9th, from 9 AM to 12 noon, we will be holding a big garage sale on the property as a fundraising community event. The sale will be held at Little Red, at 1365 Beaver Point Road, on Salt Spring Island. The specific goal of this event is to raise funds for a new deck to be built, as the unusable and rotting deck is currently in great need of being replaced. There will be many toys and learning materials available for sale, including:

  • Lego, Duplo, Playmobile pirate ships and farm
  • Aquariums, water and playdough toys
  • Shovels and toy tools
  • Baby dolls with car seats and strollers
  • Books and puzzle toys
And, of course, much more!!
Our Salt Spring Island Activity Book will also be available for $5.
salt spring island early learning activity book

If you are on Salt Spring Island or hold ties to this historical property, we ask that you help us in whatever way you can. Here are some ideas for how to get involved.

Ways to Support Your Local Early Learning Centre

  • Attend events. Stop by our garage sale event on August 9th to see if anything is of interest to you to purchase.
  • Donate any large items to sell such as bikes, drawers, ride on toys, etc.
  • Help out at events. We will need help on the day of the garage sale with sales and/or children’s activities outside the schoolhouse.
  • Organizing materials. We could use help to pack up unsold items to deliver as donations or garbage.
  • Offer your time and skills. One of our greatest needs right now is finding help to dismantle our rotting deck to prep the site for a new deck to be built.
  • Spread the word about needs and events. Please help us by sharing about the sale event and our need for support in building maintenance.

Whether you’re on Salt Spring Island or anywhere else in the world, I encourage you to contact your local early learning centres. See how you can help enhance the learning experiences of the children who already are and will be active participants in our communities and the world. If you have anything to offer in support of Little Red, please contact the Little Red Schoolhouse Society at [email protected] as soon as possible.

Here’s to a now and a future of human beings who are thoughtful, capable, and supporting members of their communities!

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