8 Reasons Moms Need Comfortable Clothes & Sustainable Fashion

Comfortable sustainable fashion for moms

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The Mom Uniform. Some dread the laid-back look, while others embrace the chance to put on their yoga pants and never look back. Something that I strongly believe in when it comes to clothing is this: whatever you’re wearing, it should feel good.

I know, I know. What a novel idea, right? How could clothing that doesn’t constrict your movements and keeps your butt crack from showing be at all desirable? For those of you who are moms already, I’m sure you can understand why it’s important to be comfortable. Besides giving your body some cozy time to recoup after pushing a watermelon out of your hooha or being opened up during an “easy” c-section, your ability to move is an essential part of caring for your little one (and yourself).

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8 Reasons Moms Need Comfortable Clothes

Exercising – So you may buy these comfortable “active wear” clothes originally because you’re going to be working out like a son of a gun. You’ll have all this free time and be keenly committed to losing the baby belly, right? Errrrrnnnnn. (That’s the sound that the “you’re wrong” button in game shows makes, by the way.)

Okay, maybe you’re a more motivated individual than me, but setting aside some time between groceries, meals, dishes, laundry, playtime, nature exploration, socializing, cleaning, and all the other responsibilities that eat up my time, this just hasn’t happened for me so far. The idea of being able to sneak in some quick exercise without having to go change clothes is a great one, even if you don’t end up doing a single squat. One step at a time.

sustainable fashion for moms

Cleaning Up the Never-Ending Mess – Toddlers have this amazing ability to be able to turn a perfectly clean and tidy room into a disaster zone in the time it takes to open the fridge, decide you still have nothing worth eating there, and close the door to gaze upon the whirlwind. I am constantly bending and stretching, turning and lunging to pick up the trails of dolls, books, and stolen kitchen supplies that my toddler is finished with. Yes, it’s beneficial to have them help out, but a toddler is not mentally ready to tackle a full clean up of that proportion, so mama gets a bit of a workout keeping up. Oh well, at least I’m making up for some of that neglected gym time.

Playing Outside – There are so many reasons why children (and adults) benefit from time spent outdoors. I want to foster a positive relationship between my little one and the natural world, and in order to do that, I need to be comfortable playing outside, too. Whether we’re rolling down grassy hills, hiking through the forest, or carefully stepping on rocks to cross a stream, I want to be able to lead and/or follow her without my clothing choices holding me back.

Navigating Playgrounds – Maybe I’m that helicopter mom (yep, I totally am), but there comes a time (or many times) in every mama’s life when she has to clamor up onto a playground structure to aide her little love in some sort of maiming/fearful/coordination-lacking/unkind situation. In each of these instances, one hopes to be able to do so while still remaining at least a sliver of collected control. When your butt is hanging out of your low-rise jeans, or your restrictive garb is keeping you from reaching that 8-foot plateau where the twirly slide sits, you’ll have a tough time doing so with any tact.

sustainable fashion for moms
I know, you’re thinking “Who gardens in a dress?” This mama does whatever spontaneously happens in whatever she’s wearing. If my toddler suddenly decides to plant dandelion seeds in an abandoned garden box, I’m ready to help.

Gardening – Part of fostering a relationship with the outdoors, to me, is ensuring that my daughter has a healthy understanding of how plants grow, how we can help them, and where our food comes from. Now, try bending down to weed a garden bed in your fancy jeans. Not going to happen without popping a button or bearing through the uncomfortable confinement that is high fashion. “Darling, gardening is so enjoyable!” “Then why are you wincing, Mama?” Again, it’s active wear and comfortable clothes for the win!

The Oh-Crap-You’re-Oozing-Crap Running Weight Routine – If you haven’t had to hold your child at arm’s distance while you quickly dash to a safe place to deal with a leaking doo-saster, then you haven’t lived. The rush you get as you speed along, hoping you can keep from getting too much poo on your clothes or your hair! You may have to pull off some serious ninja moves to open doors and gates, lay down mats, and strip off that forever-stained onesie in your effort to return your life to a slightly less smelly and squishy state. Who needs a gym pass when you can experience cardio and lifting weights in such a natural way?

sustainable fashion for moms

Bath Time – As you get used to the bathing of your baby, something you’re sure to come up against is how freaking uncomfortable it can be to bend and lean through the various stages of baby bath-dom. At first you’re contorted as you try to simultaneously hold up baby’s head from going under while doing your hygienic duties, then you’re suddenly thwarting off splash attacks and saving your toddler from offing themselves with their “crazy tricks”. Trust me, bath time may start to seem more like a 3-ring circus than the calm meditation that you were used to before this little fish joined your routine, and you’re going to want some mobility while you bend, stretch, dive, and wash.

Impromptu Dance Parties – Let’s be honest. Life with a little one isn’t all sunshine and roses, but it’s no prison sentence, either. With the woes come the joy, and there are a tremendous amount of moments that are brimming with joy. Particularly, those special moments when a song starts playing and your babe can’t help but be moved by the beat. Music is undoubtedly important to early childhood, and I try to never miss an opportunity to bust a move with my toddler. We laugh, we smile, we sing, we spin, we bop and tumble to the rhythm. These moments come on so spontaneously that there is no time for a quick costume change, so you better be ready to move at any minute.


So, while comfortable clothes are a necessity in raising young minds and bodies, looking like a “frumpy” mom certainly isn’t a requirement. You have more than enough reasons to dress and look however you want (besides accepting individuality, that whole watermelon vs. hooha/surgery thing grants you comfort in however that works for you). However, I can guarantee you’ll feel better and burst through those “baby blues” when you wear something that makes you feel good. In my experience, I’ve realized just how powerful putting on clothes that make you feel attractive can be.

Sustainable Fashion: Comfort & Style

Leave Nothing But Footprints is a brand focused on sustainable fashion that refuses to compromise on comfort or style. Based in Toronto, LNBF has made it their mission to design flattering styles for all silhouettes with eco-friendly and luxurious fabrics, like bamboo and organic cotton. I love that the bamboo fabrics made in their mills use fewer chemicals, and less water to manufacture than synthetics and cotton. Bamboo also has anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking properties, which is key to desirable fashion in motherhood.

Now, let’s talk style. When I was first approached by LNBF to review their sustainable fashion line, I popped onto their website to see what kind of clothes they offered and if there was anything I would actually wear. This whole simplifying and de-cluttering process has made me very mindful of only inviting into my home and my life items that I truly want and will use. After browsing the selection of stylish yet comfortable clothing, I had a difficult time deciding which items I wanted to choose to review, as there were so many beautiful pieces to pick from. In the end, I opted for a Bella Organic Cotton Cardigan, a Daphne Maxi Skirt, and an Opera Dress. I could not be happier with my choices!

sustainable fashion for moms
This pretty, cozy cardigan get an authentic (and awkwardly cheesy) thumbs up from yours truly.

The Bella Organic Cotton Cardigan is the most beautiful blue colour, and works well for both dressy and casual situations. I love how comfortable it is to the touch, and how it keeps me warm in this Spring weather without overheating me like some of my heavier sweaters. I’m also a big fan of the cut of the cardigan, as it does it’s job of keeping me warm and covered, while being short enough at the back to keep from hiding my butt and turning my outfit into a giant poncho – a problem I often face as a short girl trying to maintain some sort of shapely appearance.

comfortable bamboo sustainable fashion

The Daphne Maxi Skirt, while not quite as sensible for navigating playgrounds and rolling down hills, has fast become my go-to “dressing up” item of clothing. I find it very flattering, extremely comfortable, and that high-rising slit definitely does the job of making me feel sexy, even as I pick the boogers out of those tiny nostrils.

sustainable fashion for moms
Whether you’re at the opera carrying a cute clutch, or at home cleaning up plastic toast and other toys, you’re bound to feel classier in this comfy dress.

The Opera Dress is, in fact, a dress (I know, shocking), so you might think it’s a no-go for running after the little ones. Wrong! This is the perfect style for popping some form-fitting shorts on underneath to keep your lady bits tucked away, while still being able to rock the skirt. While it doesn’t have the pockets I was imagining when I ordered this piece (the “pockets” drop straight down to the bottom hem, so I wouldn’t want to put too much of anything in there), I do appreciate how the added fabric on the midsection keeps any lines and bumps from being noticeable. The neckline is quite classy, too, and keeps everything hidden while still adding an element of mysterious sexiness to the oh-so-comfortable dress.

The bottom here is that, if you’re a mom, you don’t have to sacrifice looking good for feeling comfortable and being able to move your busy mama body. Whether you’re working out, hosting a playdate, running errands, or boogie-ing down in an impromptu dance party, LNBF has an outfit that will grant you comfort and compliments as you live your busy life.

sustainable fashion eco-friendly giveaway

Now, this is where it gets really good. Just for you, my amazing readers, LNBF is offering up a $100 Gift Card to use on the LNBF website, so you can try out some of their comfortable sustainable fashion pieces yourself. Enter through the Rafflecopter form below. Contest is open to Canadian entrants only (Quebec, since this doesn’t exceed $100 you can enter, too!). Full contest terms and conditions can be found within Rafflecopter. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Leave Nothing But Footprints, but all of the above is my true and honest opinion about comfortable clothes, sustainable fashion, and the dread of leaking baby poo. To check out my full disclosure policy, find it here.

145 thoughts on “8 Reasons Moms Need Comfortable Clothes & Sustainable Fashion

  1. Joan @ mADDworld

    I love the look of this line – it does look comfy AND stylish! No easy feat. Crossing my fingers for this giveaway and the Opera dress for me too!

    1. Hannah Post author

      I am love, love, loving these! The cardigan is my new favourite cover, and that dress is the perfect mix of classy/sexy/comfy. Good luck!

    1. Hannah Post author

      Isn’t it amazing what we don’t consider until someone else brings it up? This happens to me all the time! So many considerations in life. Thanks for commenting!

    1. Hannah Post author

      Ha! You just made my day! I kept looking at the photos and wondering if I should redo them with some makeup on or at least taming my crazy hair. Silly human insecurity. 🙂
      The aurora pants were definitely on my what-should-I-choose list! They look great!

  2. Lisa bolduc

    Loving the Alexander tunic dress. I love how you displayed how versatile the items are with toddler. I am going though those stages now

    1. Hannah Post author

      Such a nice looking dress! Thank you for your kind words. I put a lot of effort into what I post, and I’m glad the thought put into it shows. 🙂 Good luck!

  3. Angela Mitchell

    I like so many of their items. They look so comfortable but all also really stylish. I love the Veronica and Ellie dresses the most.

  4. Margo B

    oh my what would I NOT like to try, all if possible, love the tie dye jeans yes please, thanks for the chance to win

  5. Bailey Dexter

    I really like the clothes are a very casual comfy but look great! I would love the SHAYLA SPLIT TUNIC & SURI LEGGINGS IN FULL LENGTH. This outfit could be dress up for work but could also be great for going out after work!

  6. Bo Simms

    The LBNF items I would love to try are the Leah Gauchos with the Cristina Tee. It is amazing that LBNF is eco-friendly apparel. I have not tried their clothing before but I do own a LBNF summer tote and the inside is made from recycled water bottles.

  7. Sandy Couzens

    I LOVE the Bella Organic cozy cardigan !! The color is beautiful too. This style of cloths is so popular here on Vancouver Island and I love it. Thank you for this Wonderful giveaway 🙂

  8. cottagebunny

    I love the aurora pant.They are a little flared and made with cozy bamboo material.I also
    love the Vivian chiffon oversized tunic because I think they would look good together and
    it also looks so comfy!!

  9. Krista M

    I love their active collection. The Va-Va-Tank is an awesome design! I also like the Amy top & the Voyage Skort!

  10. CL Chin

    The clothing looks comfortable and effortless. i need a new pair of capris and the Suri style looks great!

  11. Nate Fuller

    I know my girlfriend loves this brand, she’s pregnant with twins right now but I would love to win so she could buy some post baby comfy clothes!

    1. Hannah Post author

      You are so sweet! Yes, I’m sure there’s a lot there that would be perfect for post-pregnancy. So comfy and stretchy and stylish to help her feel put-together at an often frumpy-feeling time. It’s amazing what throwing on something you like can make you feel.

    1. Hannah Post author

      They certainly are! I couldn’t pick a favourite of the three I got, they’ll all just so perfect for me. Thanks for entering, Jenn!

  12. Liz Howard

    I love everything, it looks so comfortable and stylish at the same time…gorgeous clothes!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for this one!!!

  13. Lisa Neutel

    I love the cora maxi dress but there are so many others id love too –im all about comfort these days


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