Things That Excite Me: The Ex-Files

Things That Excite Me

I’m not sure about this, but I’m starting to get suspicious. Very suspicious that perhaps I’m not the same person I used to be. I think (and this is just a wild guess based on some realizations of late) that I may be getting older.

Shocker. I know. This youthful soul, aging? Could it be true?

Yes, I think it can. Nothing seems to shout it more than the types of things I’ve been finding absolutely thrilling as of late. (Okay, well perhaps there’s also the issue of my body starting to fall apart a little more every day, but let’s not get into that now.)

What kind of things that have  been exciting me at the sheer thought of them, and positively giddy when the thought becomes a reality?


Let’s start with the thrill of all thrills, file folder organization.

I’ve been unhappy with how my files were organized (or rather, are not organized and sit in piles on my counter, waiting to be posited in their rightful places in the file cabinet). Carrying on with my goal of organizing my life this year, I devised a plan to get new folders that would make finding the proper files a snap, and change my life so that I was filing things in a timely manner.

Disorganized files
The disaster that was my filing cabinet.


I brought these babies home, vibing with excitement the entire time over the thought of getting home from the store (making a trip to WalMart from our little island home is a bit of a thrill in itself, sadly), to reorganize my filing cabinet. Like a young school girl, crushing on a skinny, pimpled classmate, here I was, sitting in the front seat of our family vehicle, daydreaming about how we would find true, categorical love together.

When I was finally able to get started on spending some sweet time getting to know my new file folders, I oohed and ahhed over the prominent plastic tabs. These little clear rectangles would be the beginning of a brighter future of saving pieces of paper, most of which I would never need to look at again and would wait for a day when I could lay my hands on a paper shredder (be still, my heart).

Things that excite me

I filled in the little tidbits of card stock that we’re going to be inserted in the small plastic tabs of life changing awesomeness, labeling each folder with such titles as RRSP and Work. The idea was that using these especially prominent tabs, each folder would be easier to find when needed, making it so I wouldn’t put off filing our papers and causing the stack of to-be-filed papers to grow.

To denote which folders contained files belonging to either myself or my husband specifically, I added our first initials (for example, RRSP – H or RRSP – G). Until, of course, I came to a file of mine that I abbreviated to “M/C”. Saying it in my head as I wrote, it occurred to me that I pretty well had to write my name rather than just the first letter.

M/C – Hannah.

M/C Hannah file folder - Things that shouldn't excite me
Stop. It’s Hannah time.


Yes. I am that cool.


Other sources of excitement that have really got me going lately include (but are not limited to):

Things that excite me - Toddler with mop
Even wee Z was thrilled when this baby arrived.

A new mop.


Basket pantry organization
Which looks better? The pile of random edibles, or the extremely attractive basket? (Swoon)

Baskets for pantry organization.


Aromatherapy diffuser - things that excite me
Yay! Pleasant natural aromatherapy instead of stinky house!

A cold-air aromatherapy diffuser for essential oils.


(More on all of these to come. Except for maybe the baskets. They store my pantry items. That pretty well sums it up.)

Yep. My life is full of edge-of-my-seat excitement.

Really. To me it is. Is that sad, or just a part of growing up and enjoying your home more?

And by the way (because I know you’re all dying to know), my new file system has made it so the incoming papers slip in where they belong, leaving my countertop much clearer. Win!


Update: Since writing this, I’ve found something else that really excites me, that is making my home and my life so much more organized. Check out my KonMari Method project here.

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