Twitter Party Jitters – #GMCBeauty

What is a twitter party

What is a twitter party

If you’ve been following along with me this month, you already know that I’m a part of the Green Moms Collective 2nd Green Beauty Campaign – an attempt to raise awareness in the month of October for the risks of using beauty and body care products with toxic ingredients, and to offer information about green beauty products that are worthy of some spotlight.

As the month is drawing to a close (How did this happen?? Where is time going these days?), we are getting nearer to the grand finale event of the #GMCBeauty campaign: the Green Beauty Twitter Party.

And I’m starting to get the jitters. The Twitter party jitters.

You see, I’ve only attended a few Twitter parties before, and this will be my first time acting as an engagement blogger.

green beauty twitter party

Whoah hey, whoah hey, whoah, you might be saying. What the heck are you talking about? What is a Twitter party and why are you getting engaged?

Don’t feel silly. I recently learned about Twitter parties and am slowly figuring out how (and why) to be involved it all the hubbub.

Basically, a Twitter party happens when a host (the person or group throwing the party) sets a time and date for other Twitter users to log on to their accounts and tweet their little hearts away about a particular theme. Let’s say that Fluffy’s Flowers wanted to host a Twitter party, so they choose a time and date for the party, promote it around the internet and invite anyone who wants to attend to RSVP somehow (perhaps by commenting on their blog post or plugging their name into a Rafflecopter widget). There are often prizes given out during the Twitter parties, which is a big draw for why you would want to attend in the first place, and why it is so important to RSVP to be able to win a prize.

When the party starts, the hosts will generally get things going by asking questions, and everyone will start Tweeting out responses and thoughts. In order to keep track of everyone and everything involved in the thread, it is very important to always use the party’s specific hashtag and to @ mention the main host of the party. See below for an example.

This whole Twitter party thing could be kind of crazy to keep track of unless you’re using Tweetdeck – a fantastic tool for Twitter users, that lets you make columns for following different accounts, hashtags, groups, and all other manner of Twitterness. I certainly couldn’t manage a party without it, and it comes in very handy for a lot of other things, too, like scheduling tweets.

So, on October 29th, at 9pm EST (6pm PST), I’ll be logged into my Twitter account and trying to keep up with all of the action happening for the Green Beauty Twitter Party. I hope you can join me, and that some of the amazing prizes from our sponsors find their way into your hands. With over $500 worth of green beauty prizes from fantastic Canadian companies, there will be many opportunities to win.

To find out more about the #GMCBeauty campaign, events, sponsors, and to RSVP for the Twitter party, head to this post.


Wish me luck, people!

Note: While the campaign I am writing about has been sponsored, this post is not. I am writing this of my own accord, purely because I want to help spread the word about going green with your beauty routine and making healthy personal care choices, and to share with you my jittery feelings about trying something new.

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