Whipping it Out at the Library – Salt Spring Island Breastfeeding Challenge

breastfeeding challenge salt spring island public library

breastfeeding challenge salt spring island public library

If you’ve ever attempted breastfeeding a child, I’m sure you can admit that it isn’t exactly easy. Actually, beyond being somewhat challenging (Is he latching properly, or even at all? Am I producing enough milk? Is it coming out too fast/slow? Is this medication/food/drink safe to consume while breastfeeding? And on and on…), it can be awfully uncomfortable, in more sense than one.

Breastfeeding sucks (pun heartily intended). But it can also be a beautiful bonding experience that nourishes the child and helps the mother properly adjust to the post-partum period by signaling hormonal changes, saving money on formula, helping lose that baby weight, take time to sit and rest, and keep that first post-partum cycle away for a longer period of time (I’m feeling especially punny today, can you notice?). Nursing a babe can be painful, but it can also be socially uncomfortable – especially if those around you don’t support this natural and healthy means of caring for a child. You can read this previous post on how I’m sometimes made to feel for nursing my nurseling in public, why it’s such a positive way to parent (if it’s possible), and how to help the mothers that believe breast is best for their own young.

We mamas (and papas, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, grandparents, friends, heck everyone) need to be accepting of and raise awareness for the normalization of breastfeeding in order for families to benefit from what nature has provided us with by feeling comfortable and supported in their decision to breastfeed, as well as to donate breast milk for families in need.

breastfeeding challenge salt spring island public library

This coming Saturday, October 3rd, 2015, there will be a Breastfeeding Challenge held at the Salt Spring Island Public Library. The Quintessence Breastfeeding Challenge

started in 2001 in British Columbia with 856 babies and their mothers publicly breastfeeding at 26 sites. By 2011, awareness for breastfeeding was shown by 4,466 children in 16 countries, and continues to grow each year. If you can come to show your support, please do come by the library at 10:30am this Saturday, October 3rd. Every breastfeeding child counts in the final numbers, and support from even non-breastfeeding humans who believe mothers should be encouraged and feel comfortable in their decision to breastfeed is always welcome!

7 thoughts on “Whipping it Out at the Library – Salt Spring Island Breastfeeding Challenge

  1. sarahonpurpose2015

    Ok I gotta say the title of your post cracks me up. Love it! I am all for public breastfeeding! My babies are all big now, but I fed them anywhere and everywhere when they were little. And I give nursing moms a thumbs out when I catch their eye in public.


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