That’s What Friends are For

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what friends are for

What would life be like without friends?

Whether you have one or one hundred, they are more than necessary. I am incredibly blessed to have made many a connection and forged some very beautiful and unique relationships with a variety of wonderful souls.

Right now I am especially thankful for my bestie – a gal who gets me and my amazingly weird weirdness like no other.

If you don’t know about what my nannying trip to Vancouver has been like so far, you need to read the previous post, and the one before that, to catch up. It’s been a doozie so far.

Before any of this happened, it had serendipitously worked out that she would be in town and able to come visit us for a night. When all the stresses of the day and the days to come were bearing down on me, and making me feel like a headachey, nauseous pile of useless adult in way over my head (and this is before any spots showed up), she came for a visit and saved my soul – ibuprofen in hand.

Although the painkillers for the oncoming migraine were very appreciated, that’s the least of what she helped with. Over the course of the evening and the next day she helped calm my nerves about the possible pox, entertained and put the girls to bed while I spent a good chunk of time on the phone with the nurses line, got the non-eating-or-brushing kids to eat (a bit) and brush their hair, held my munchkin multiple times, AND walked the demon dog, cleaned the kitchen, did the dishes, and made cookies with the girlies while I took my babe to the clinic in the morning. My gosh.

But that’s not even the best part (although some serious love goes out to her for that). The absolute most life-saving part was that we spent the evening talking. Catching up and laughing the snot out of us after the kidlets were sleeping was the most therapeutic thing I’ve done in a while. Gosh I needed that! THIS is what friends are for. THIS is why I hope everyone can find at least one person to soothe their soul from time to time (and in the worst of times like this).

After we parted ways with A, the girls were reliving the fun times we had with her and said “You guys have each others backs.” They are so, so right. Isn’t that true friendship?

best buds
Ol’ Arock and me. We’ve had some crazy good times.

Beyond my lovely A-rock, I have a plethora of wonderful people showing their support. Among others, my indispensable mama group, who forged a bond together from prenatal class, is outstanding. Offering any help they can from afar, getting friends and relatives in my area to call me up and see if they can lend a hand with doggie, and always, ALWAYS being an open and non-judgemental ear for questions, concerns and straight up whining. I love these ladies like sisters, too.

One of the first pictures of our babes together, minus a few who were not yet with us. I hope these little ones forge strong friendships with each other, too!
One of the first pictures of our babes together, minus a few who were not yet with us. I hope these little ones forge strong friendships with each other, too!

Speaking of sisters, I couldn’t end this without mentioning my extreme appreciation for my own true flesh-and-blood sister, who – despite being younger than me – always has great advice, experience, and a shoulder to cry on whether or not it is close enough to actually lean on or not. I love you little sis!

bonnet sisters
Here’s me and my lil sis in the bonnets my hubby finds so hilarious.
sisters have each others backs
Sisters have each others backs, too. While wearing sweet, matching dresses.
A *more* recent shot of the great genes our parents passed down.

I couldn’t possibly mention every person who I am grateful to share my life with and feel supported and loved by, and still get to bed tonight (which is pretty awesome, don’t you think?), so I’ll leave it there for now. If you’re reading this, you know who you are.

Feeling blessed, and ready to shove my craziness back at this crazy world, I’ll leave you with a quote on friendship I am truly feeling right now. Here’s to bonds that shall never be broken!

“Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.” – Hellen Keller


*Update* Want to know how the adventure concluded? More epic happenings include poop, police, and a very berry Christ-mess here.

4 thoughts on “That’s What Friends are For

  1. Sara

    I spent a Saturday night a few weeks ago with my best girl friend and it really was self care time for me!! Good friends are just what we need!

  2. Patty

    What a beautiful post! Best friends are the absolute treasure of life. So are sisters. I love the bonnet picture, very Little House on the Prairie. So adorable.

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