5 Essential Baby Items That Helped Us Enjoy Life With A New Baby

essential baby items life with a new baby new parents

Adding a baby to your life is something that I don’t think you can ever imagine fully. It changes your life – day to day and moment to moment – in so many ways. I learned that there were certain essential baby items (sometimes the very ones we laughed over as pointless in my pre-partum days) that offered us the chance to actually enjoy this first period of our new child’s life, by making the daily routines easier and allowing us to continuing enjoying travel and outdoor adventures as a family.

essential baby items life with a new baby new parentsNow, before I get too far into this, I want to let you know that this post has been sponsored by Best Buy Canada in honour of the Best Buy Baby Event that is happening until September 28th. As such, I’ll be including affiliate links to products on the Best Buy website (all of which are on sale as part of this event at the time of writing this). While I have been compensated to create this post, all of these item suggestions came straight from me, and 100% did truly make life with a new baby so much easier for our family’s needs.

I’m thrilled to work with Best Buy. They have practically everything you could ever need, and have lots of great sales (for example, the current Best Buy Baby Event where you can find some fantastic deals on a plethora of these and other essential baby items). In fact, apparently we got our new fridge during last summer’s renovation from Best Buy (my husband does all the online shopping for big items, since he’s very thorough – so thorough that I stay out of it). Our fridge was the best deal he could find, came quickly, was delivered right to us, and has been nothing but great for us since we got it. (Although I do admit, I wish it could automatically clear and clean itself.)

essential baby items life with a new baby new parents

So, back to the point of this post. Here are five baby items that played a huge part in allowing myself and my husband a much easier transition from a free-spirited twosome to a fun-seeking family.

5 Essential Baby Items to Save Sanity and Enjoy Life with a New Baby

Car seat that attaches to a stroller

From the moment you leave the hospital (if that’s where your baby is born), your baby is going to be carried around, nestled safely in their car seat. You’ll find yourself destroying your poor forearm and throwing out your body alignment with your constantly growing baby hanging from a hard plastic handle.

I have a huge appreciation for my sister, who gifted us a car seat that attaches to a stroller. I had no idea how much easier this would make my life, especially not being able to carry anything heavier than my baby’s weight after my emergency c-section. Seriously, a travel system like this is well worth the investment to make everyday life that much easier for the first six months to a year of the already physically exhausting adjustment to parenting.

Check out these travel systems:

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essential baby items life with a new baby new parents

Video monitor

This is one of those items that I scoffed at pre-baby. I mean, how creepy is it to spy on your child through a camera? And then you realize that it is certainly no creepier than crawling across the bedroom floor to peek at your (hopefully) sleeping baby every four minutes to make sure they’re breathing. You also realize that it’s far safer to actually see that your baby is safe on a monitor than just listening for sounds, while you enjoy playing games at the cottage or enjoying a Costa Rican sunset outside of the room where your little one sleeps.

Check out these video baby monitors:

Motorola 2.4″ Video Monitor with Wifi
Motorola 5″ Screen Double Camera Video Monitor


Play pen

Unless you plan on constantly keeping your eyes on and your body within arms reach of your baby for the first couple years (note: not actually possible), you’re going to want to invest in a play pen. It was such a relief to have a space of entirely baby-safe area, where my growing baby and then toddler could safely move and learn about her body, while I could get a bit of time to grab a snack, handle some to-dos, or just catch a breath with nobody touching me. As a bonus, play pens are perfect for ensuring baby-proof spaces during travel, and for doubling as a portable crib.

Check out these play pens:

Cosco Funsport Play Yard
Evenflo Babysuite Deluxe Portable Play Yard

Bouncy seat for infants

Much like the play pen, the little bouncy seat they make for safely containing newer babies was a lifesaver for us. Especially for me, during that period when my husband had gone back to work and I was trying to figure out how to find 2 minutes when my baby would let me put her anywhere that wasn’t touching me so I could race to eat, shower, or use the toilet. This little chair still remains well-loved in mine and my husband’s memories for the impact it had on our early days as a new family.

Check out these bouncy seats:

Fisher-Price Soothing Savanna Deluxe Bouncer
Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Deluxe Bouncer


Off-road stroller

If you live somewhere rural like we do, or enjoy getting out on trails for a jog or hike, you’re going to need an off-road stroller. Especially if you can’t wear your baby safely for a while due to healing from the birth. My husband insisted we buy one while preparing for our baby to come, and I found a love for it as it offered me a safe way to get out for some fresh air, gentle exercise, and some much-needed company with a group of mamas who would go on post-baby walks together.

Had I not had a way to easily get out for these body and soul benefiting adventures during the extended time of healing from the surgery and birth, then an unfortunate infection I could not have foreseen, I have no doubts I would have suffered badly from post-partum depression. For me, this was absolutely one of our essential baby items. My husband even made great use of it, bonding with our baby while strolling through the disc golf course for a round with his friends.

Check out this off-road stroller:

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Caring for a new baby can never be described as “easy”, but it can certainly be easier to care for our infants and enjoy life more when you have the proper tools. And if you’re looking for some great deals on those tools, make sure to check out the Best Buy Baby Event, which is on right now until September 28th, 2017. (And if you are reading this after the 28th and missed it, Best Buy still probably has some deals worth checking out.)
Baby Event! Save BIG on Nursery Essentials from brands you trust at Best Buy Canada! (Valid 09/12 – 09/28)

Do you have some essential baby items that you appreciate for getting you through new parenthood? Please add them in the comments below!

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Disclosure: As previously mentioned, this post on essential baby items has been sponsored by Best Buy Canada. I have been compensated to write and share this post with you, and am including affiliate links that may result in further compensation should a purchase be made through these links. However, all of the above is my true and honest opinion and my personal recommendations about some of the most essential baby items our family used. You can read my full disclosure policy here.

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