August 2017 Through My Lens

I’m sure by now it doesn’t surprise you that I’m only getting around to publishing my favourite photos from August 2017. Coming home from our off-grid vacation to start up the new school year was a bit of a whirlwind, but I’m finally feeling like I’m starting to find my way back up to the top of my to-do list game. So, before something else comes up, let me quickly drop these pictures.

August 2017 in the Pacific Northwest

Someone’s interested in photography, herself! These are from our camping trip at Lake Cowichan.

August 2017 in the Pacific Northwest

My husband, G, actually took this photo while we were camping.

Fishing Pender Bluffs. We caught some salmon!

Paddle boarding Lake Cowichan.

She sure does like riding on the cooler after a boating trip!

All of the above pictures were edited using PicMonkey. I’ve invested in Lightroom now, and have been enjoying figuring it out. Still lots to learn, but I’m getting there. All the below pictures are edited using Lightroom.

Anticipating holding a brand new baby.

Some sunset shots from Vesuvius Beach.

essential baby items life with a new baby new parents

Two of my favourite shots from a newborn photo shoot I did for the same family I wrote about doing the maternity shoot for. You can check out the rest of my favourites from this shoot on my photography Facebook page here.

The rest of these pictures were taken at our family cabin on the Sunshine Coast. We enjoyed a full week there, completely unplugged and enjoying each moment being present with each other.

August 2017 in the Pacific Northwest

A Search and Rescue helicopter was flying around one day while we were fishing. Here it is about to land on a tiny little island – previously called Lone Tree Island, but after someone came and chopped down the one tree it is known as Seal Island.

Swimming off the boat.

We got in a lot of ocean swimming during out cabin trip. Here we’re swimming off the dock, with Z tied to the dock to make sure the current didn’t float her away.

Rowing with Dad.

Z is all about the dancing lately. This was her “stage”.

Z’s Grandma’s new dog, Leroy.

We use a lot of band-aids these days.

Two of my favourite people, Z’s Great Grandparents. Oh, the stories they have to tell.

Sneaking up on Papa.


Dancing queen!

Breaking down on the dance floor with Dad.

We picked up a stick-less stick horse head at the local thrift store, found a perfect stick in the forest, and fixed it up.

Peeking out from her tent/airplane/fort/bedroom.

Sunset from the dock. Ahhhhhhhhh…

Bath time at the cabin, in an old wash basin on the beach. (Good old hubby G took these ones.)

And then the highlight of bath time, rinsing off in the solar shower.

The biggest of four fish I caught that week. This ling cod was a keeper and fed us well.

Sent into giggle fits of nervousness jumping into the water by herself.

Our froggy friend who we found hanging out under the patio table multiple days in a row.

Playing on the beach logs.

Ahh. It was a great week.

I was going to edit and upload my best cell phone pics, too, but I don’t have the time. So there you have it.

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Thanks for reading! 🙂 Until next time!

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