Could These Be The Best Hiking Trails In The World?

Would you consider yourself an expert hiker? Some people live for the thrill of conquering trail after trail, trekking for miles in the wilderness to claim the bragging rights that come with such a feat. Even if you aren’t one of these people, though, and the idea of a hardcore hike doesn’t appeal to you from the standpoint of a challenge, perhaps the beauty of nature is enough to draw you in?

Could These Be the Best Hiking Trails in the World?

If you’re not opposed to a bit of jet-setting and want to take a look at (and hopefully photograph) some of the most stunning stretches of trail on the planet, you’d be hard-pressed to find better options than these.

The Appalachian Trail

We’ll start with one closer to home (for those of you that live in the States). Officially titled The Appalachian National Scenic Trail, the name is more of a tip-off that this trek emphasizes the beauty of nature. It cuts through the breathtaking vistas, woodlands, wildlands, and pastoral regions of the Appalachian Mountains.

The trail was completed in 1937, and today is managed through numerous agencies, including the National Park Service, US Forest Service, and the Appalachian Trail Conservancy—a group of volunteers dedicated to preserving and managing the trail so that future generations will have the opportunity to appreciate its majesty.

The trail runs some 2,180 miles through 14 different states, so you probably won’t be keen on completing the entire stretch unless you’re a seriously hardcore hiker. In spite of that, though, the entire trail is stunning and you’ll be able to get great shots no matter where you set out along this expansive hike.

best hiking trails appalachian trailTe Araroa Trail

Let’s get one thing out of the way first—unless you’re already located in New Zealand, you’re going to be in for a long trip to get to this impressive hiking route. Prepare yourself for sizable chunk of air travel first (by taking a peek at, for instance, the best travel pillows for long haul flights in 2017), then brace yourself for the amazement the Te Araroa Trail has in store.

Dubbed “New Zealand’s Trail,” this path stretches more than 1,800 miles, from “Cape Reinga in the North of New Zealand to Bluff in the South.” It opened late December 2011, and to date has become a “must hike” trail not only for native New Zealanders, but for interested travelers, hikers, and photographers the world over.

It claims to be a different beast than the “traditional back-country tramping tracks.” Te Araroa cuts through settlements, townships, cities, and takes some 5-months to complete in its entirety. Those intrepid enough to brave the walk will be treated to mountains, volcanoes, rivers, lakes, valleys, and more. Each landmark on the way is practically begging to be marveled at, and for those with sights set on documenting their experience, photographed in intimate detail.

best hiking trails in the world te araroa

The Long Range Traverse

To be fair, the name itself is ample warning that this trail is a doozy. The Long Range Traverse in Canada’s Gros Morne National Park isn’t nearly as long as the other entries on our list (only 21 miles in total) but it is also wild, unmarked, and all located in the rugged backcountry of The North. More than one adventurer has lost their bearings along the way, necessitating a speedy rescue, and as a consequence, you’ll be required to pass a navigation test to ensure you’ll be able to find your way.

Once you complete your orientation and receive your backcountry hiking permit, you’ll set out from the Visitor Center in Rocky Harbor and take on the challenges of the trail. Maintain your wits, though, and you’ll be treated to some of the most soul-enriching views available on planet Earth. In the words of author Peter Potterfield:

“The payoff is genuine solitude, pristine camps, and the joy of traveling untrammeled backcountry in Canada’s most out-there province.”

the long range traverse best hiking trails in the world

Each section of this untamed trail will reveal something new, like the “blue water sparkles from coastal fjords, granite cliffs tower overhead, animal paths lead to hidden lakes, and spruce groves harbor five designated wilderness campsites.”

As a final note, you’ll likely run into some animal life while you’re out in the wilds. There are moose, caribou, and even black bear residing in Canada’s open spaces, and while you may not be guaranteed to encounter each, you should be aware of and prepared for the possibility.

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Best hiking trails in the world

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