October 2017 Through My Lens

Here are some of my favourite photos of some of the most memorable moments in October 2017. Again, I’ve not included any photos taken on my phone, simply to make things easier on me. Life is full! So let’s just jump right into it.

Pumpkin picking on an adventure up at our local pumpkin patch.

Some sleepy dogs at our family’s Thanksgiving gathering.

A playground adventure outside of Vernon.

Road trippin’ back home to the coast from Vernon.

I couldn’t pick which view I liked best in this one spot, the above or below. Which do you like better?

fall colours October 2017 october 2017 photography

I shot a boudoir session in October. It was stunning with the colours of Autumn, this rustic old barn, the coolest fallen down tree, and a beautiful woman looking to renew her sense of sensuality.

october 2017 salt spring island boudoir photography

And then there was Halloween.

october 2017

My husband gets credit for the above photo. Our flying unicorn, checking out her jack-o-lantern before we headed out trick-or-treating.

And a clever little sign placed on a roofing pile on Hallowe’en. I got a good kick out of this.

That’s October 2017 through my lens, folks. What snippets did you capture from your month, either on camera or in your memories? Share yours below!

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Until next time! 🙂

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