Coolest Knit Monster Hat Reminds Me of Yoda

knit monster hat toddler playground

knit monster hat toddler playground

When my daughter was born, one of my husband’s lovely coworkers gifted our little baby Z with the coolest little hat.

knit monster hat

Reminiscent of Yoda from Star Wars, this totally awesome knit monster hat kept our wee one’s head nice and warm through the winter and cool spring days. Because of how the hat pulls on to have only the face exposed, it stays in place – no falling off, no pulling off, and the neck stays warm as the collar can be tucked down in the collar of the jacket.

sleeping yoda baby

All in all, this hat is the bomb.

That’s why I was thrilled to receive a book of knitting pattern for Christmas that had this exact pattern, as well as many other adorable hats (with matching mittens, scarves and booties) to knit for babies and toddlers. The book is called Monster Knits for Little Monsters by Nuriya Khegay, and if you are looking to knit a hat for a little beaner that is sure to draw attention for it’s cute, uniqueness, I suggest you order yourself a copy of this book.

knit monster hats

Before starting, my hubby mentioned his coworker (the knitter who had gifted the original hat) had used a different sized meddle than suggested. I decided to make a “Sleepy Bluebird” hat, and whipped up a swatch to gauge what size needle I should use for the yarn I had (I have a huge stock of yarns I need to use up before I go taking up more space storing new yarn). I ended up using 5.5mm needles and following the pattern for the biggest size hat (for ages 2-3). This turned out to be far bigger than I was aiming for.

I later found out that the original Yoda-esque hat was made using a yarn of worsted weight and size 4 or 4.5 mm needles. I plan on making another following these instructions next.

yoda baby knit monster hat

It’s been a while and little Z has grown so much since the last chilly season when she wore the knit Yoda hat, so I was happily surprised to find it still fits. As the collar rises up higher on her neck than it used to, I can tell that it won’t fit for much longer, but we’re still getting some great use out of it while we can. It’s perfect for all our outdoor adventures.

yoda baby disc golfing
Disc golfing at Mouat’s Park.


yoda baby at park
Chilly mornings at the playground in Ganges.


yoda baby in lake
Splashing at the edge of St Mary’s Lake.


What is the coolest knitting pattern for kids wear that you’ve ever seen? Have you attempted this project?

*Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link. If you choose to purchase this knitting book from Amazon using the link provided, I will receive a small commission for sharing this awesome book of so many patterns I want to make.*

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