I Found Something Terrifying in My Bed

in my bed
in my bed
Photo by Maegan Tintari available via CC by 2.0

Last night, while my hubby had the little one out at a friends, I took the opportunity to catch up on a little housekeeping. After a full hour of trying to get the fire lit, I quickly rushed around trying to make our home look more presentable.

Trying to think when I last changed the sheets, I realized they were past due and pulled them off. As I was laying out the fresh, clean sheet, a small something caught my eye.

AHHHH! Was it… could it be…. it looked just like… a bug. Was it a larvae of sorts? Some sort of flesh-eating louse/weevil hybrid? It was so tiny, it was hard to tell. There was no way I was leaning in full-faced to get a closer look, and not a chance I’d be finishing making the bed (were there other horrific beasts hiding in my bed??) until hubs came home to inspect and rid our room of “The Bug”.

For the next 30 minutes or so, I stayed in the room (on the other side of the room from the mystery intruder) and continued to tidy up and put away clothes – very carefully, with a vigorous shake to each item in case another bug were to be hiding in wait for me.

Upon dear Hubs¬†return, I immediately pointed him towards “The Bug” and requested that he confirm my diagnosis of horrible critters taking over the house, before removing said bug. Well…



It was a piece of lint.

I had run away from, squealed at, and been vigilantly watching a PIECE OF LINT in my bed for far longer than was necessary. A piece of lint doesn’t really travel very far very fast, so the very amused G wasn’t all that surprised to hear that my stake out was uneventful, and the lint hadn’t changed positions since my first encounter.

So dear readers, you may want to check your beds for this terrible creature before it catches you off-guard as well. Dang nuisances, these fluffy beasts of burden.

lint in my bed
Note: This is a recreation of “The Lint-Bug”, and may not look as eerily representative of a creepy crawler as the original.


Have you been made a fool of by a tiny piece of lint? Do share your stories, please. I could use a little “It’s not you, it’s lint” in my life right now.

4 thoughts on “I Found Something Terrifying in My Bed

  1. Journeys of The Zoo

    Right now, I wish that there was lint in my daughters bed. I rescued two street dogs last week and they brought with them a present… fleas. I’m still trying to get rid of them. Thankfully, it’s only my daughter that is getting bitten. Poor girl.

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  2. Allyson

    oh holy hannah..you absolutely detailed what i have been tortured with..I had to laugh,if nor then i’d cry, when you sat watch on this unidentified invader. . i am glads to know i aint alone.


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