Essential Oils are Powerful, Use with Care – Eucalyptus Giveaway

eucalyptus essential oil giveaway

eucalyptus essential oil giveaway

This year I’ve been experimenting with using essential oils and getting to know more about them. While I’ve discovered many fantastic uses for these highly concentrated essences from natural plants and herbs, I’ve also learned that not all of them are safe for everybody. This makes sense, when you consider how well they work for some purposes, that they might also offer some unpleasant benefits if such powerful oils are used improperly.

Recently I’ve been looking for a natural bug repellent that really works, in order to avoid using DEET as much as possible. I found some very powerful-rating natural sprays and creams that employed eucalyptus as the main deterrent and even purchased some pure eucalyptus essential oil for myself, but then my husband tipped me off to the fact that eucalyptus essential oil is not recommended for young children. At first I argued this, as I generally do when I’m disappointed that my plans are not going to pan out, but then I did a little digging for myself and found that, yes, he was right (dang it).

Eucalyptus essential oil is not recommended for children under the age of 10 (some places say three, but I err on the side of caution). The reason for this is that it is high in 1,8-cineole, which has the potential to cause respiration to slow in children, whose lungs and nervous systems are still developing and delicate. Since I feel breathing is fairly important to my child’s welfare, I won’t be using any eucalyptus on or around her just in case.

If you have children at home, you may want to be aware of which oils are not safe for children, at which ages, and which essential oils are safe and helpful. You can take a look at this helpful post on essential oils and children, which I’ve found very useful.

While it may not be best for using on children, eucalyptus has some amazing benefits to offer for the older set. Here are some of the approved claims and uses I can share about this essential oil.



• Diffuse during the winter months to invigorate you on a cold, dreary day.

• Add to a spray bottle with water and use it to wipe down surfaces in your kitchen or bathroom.

• Place one to two drops in your hand and inhale deeply to clear the mind.

• Add one drop to moisturizer and apply to skin for revitalizing benefits.

• Place a few drops in your morning shower to invigorate and promote vitality.


So, while I am steering clear of this little bottle of oil, this may be something you’re interested in making use of. I would like to offer you the chance to benefit from what I cannot, so I am offering a giveaway of a 15-ml bottle of certified pure eucalyptus essential oil. Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter for your chance to win this useful oil.

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36 thoughts on “Essential Oils are Powerful, Use with Care – Eucalyptus Giveaway

    1. Hannah Post author

      I have some, but have yet to use it! Too much fresh cilantro around my home this summer. I’ll have to make some wicked salsas now, and find some other recipes that call for it. How would you use it?

  1. Amy Lovell

    I Love lavendar essential oil! Its great for relaxing and helping to sleep. Would love to try the eucalpytus oil. Bet that would be great for colds!

  2. Christine Holliday

    Citronella – I love the clean smell. I put drops of lemon in the air vents but I think Citronella would be nicer.

  3. photomum

    I would love the eucalyptus oil as it was something that I grew up with in Australia,It was wonderful when I had a cold,my mum would put some on a handkerchief and I held it to my face to breath easier,i loved the smell!

  4. Wanda Bergman

    I’m most interested in the eucalyptus oil. I’ve heard wonderful things about it from my friend and am anxious to try it.

  5. L. Bragg

    Most excited to try the Eucalyptus oil. I love the smell of it and I like a sprig of it in my flowers in the house to scent the room and it is soooo clean and fresh smelling. As I am part Aussie….luv this!!!! did not know it could be used in so many ways in the home.

  6. Angela Mitchell

    I’d love to try essential oils using a nebulizer. I just discovered this recently and nothing beats the smell for me using them this way. I’d love to try the Douglas Fir and Eucalyptus.


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