Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye

Saying goodbye

Well, folks, it’s been a jam-packed and pleasant October. Being the end of October, not only is it Halloween (for all of you who are celebrating it, I know there are those who don’t – my family growing up never did), but it’s also the end of my journey blogging.

For now.

I will be saying goodbye and taking a good, long break from the land of the interwebs, in order to catch up on some quality time with my family and simply enjoy being alive in this amazing world we live in.

I’ve prepared to take a bit of an absence, scheduling some new posts to come out while I’m offline, so make sure to come by for Toddler Tuesdays so you don’t miss what we have in store for you (Little Miss helped with these pending posts). I might pop in briefly every so often to make sure all is well, or maybe I won’t. I’m not exactly sure yet. Either way, things are about to slow waaaaaay down on this blog.

Never fear, though! I’ll be back to tell my tales soon.

Enjoy November, lovely people! I know I will.


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