Fairy Tales to Combat Pollution: Fairy Rose and The Power of Eleven

Fairy tales about environment

I have something very exciting to announce to all of you lovely readers who love fairy tales! Something amazing has been in the works for a long time coming now, and is finally out in the world and ready to be discovered. If teaching children about protecting and preserving the environment, and the power that they hold to be a part of the changes for good, then you won’t want to miss out on this new children’s book.

Fairy tales about environment

Fairy Rose and the Power of Eleven is a magnificently illustrated and narrated journey of Fairy Rose, who brings together the eleven brave young souls who will form the group known as the Power of Eleven. Together they pledge to save, protect and preserve the world’s waters, land, flora and fauna. Rose and her ethereal friends discover the West Coast Trail, Aurum, the Golden Spirit Bear, and the very forward thinking young dragon, Shadow. It is their quest to halt environmental destruction and encourage thoughtful progress in the generations to follow.

Fairy tales of Fairy Rose

This book reads beautifully, and offers a feast for the eyes through all of Susan Pearson’s beautiful water-colour images which adorn every page. It also holds a message that I believe the world could use more of right now. The message is that we are responsible for keeping the world healthy, and even the littlest members of society have more power than they realize to be protectors of our natural environment and resources. I think too often we carry out our parenting responsibilities without giving our children enough of their own. Being in charge of a task can have a tremendous effect on a child, boosting their confidence and making children feel more like the extremely valuable members of society that they truly are.

Fairy tales for environmental responsibility


This short chapter book, which is designed for children at an early reading level ideal for early-elementary aged readers (longer and more detailed text than a simple picture book for preschoolers, and can be enjoyed by us “big” children, too), is available right now at Salt Spring Books on Saltspring Island. You can also order online through Amazon. To stay up-to-date with Fairy Rose’s adventures and any new books to come, follow the Facebook page.


Fairy tales author

Catherine Ann Tocher, the author of this creative and powerful story, writes fairy tales from her heart in this story that combines three of her passions: fairies, children, and environmental responsibility. Living on Salt Spring Island, Catherine has created her very own fairy world as another outlet for her magical creativity. Here she invites children of all ages to visit her wonderland for a tour of the fairy homes and gnome domes that adorn the trails on her property. You can find out more about her Fairy Home Tours here. If you’re planning on visiting Salt Spring Island, you might also be interested in finding out about these other magical places to check out the fairies that reside on this special little island.

Fairy Tales Giveaway!

Just for you, Catherine is offering a giveaway of one copy of Fairy Rose and The Power of Eleven: The One (softcover). Enter for your chance to win the fairy tales of Fairy Rose by using the Rafflecopter form below. Canada and US entries only, please.

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*Disclaimer* This is not a sponsored post, but rather a personal desire to spread the word about Fairy Rose. However, this post does contain an affiliate link for Amazon. If you purchase through this link, I will make a small commission which is greatly appreciated to keep this blog running. You can view my full disclosure statement here.

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  1. sarahonpurpose2015

    Ooh! I have a 7 year old who would love this book. Thanks for the giveaway and getting the word out.


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